How Do You Wear Your Leggings?

When autumn arrives I can’t wait to start trying on all my old clothes to see what fits me. I put on my jumpers, shirts, jeans, skirts, but in the end I realise what I wear the most are my leggings.
They are so easy to match with many tops. I usually wear them with long sweaters or T-shirts and cardigans.

Especially last year that I had just given birth they were literally the only bottoms I could wear and a good solution to renew my wardrobe without spending a fortune.

When we think of a pair of leggings, a casual outfit is the first thing that comes to mind. Leggings are supposed to be comfortable, soft, elastic and easy to wear. You can find them in all kinds of colours, floral, plain, patterned or jeggings which offer the elasticity of leggings, but they give the impression of wearing jeans.

casual leggings

floral leggings $8,09
faux jeans leggings $18,36
patterned leggings $6,06

The latest trends can be found on leggings too. Leopard print, stripes, black & white patterns, every shade and texture, all are feasible with this piece of apparel.

leopard leggings

left leopard leggings $9,36
right leopard leggings $6,17

striped leggings

striped leggings $6,04

Nevertheless, with the right top and accessories leggings can be a part of your special outfits too.
You can transform your morning outfit for work or school to an appropriate one to go out with your friends.

color block leggings $5,49
hooded long-sleeved cardigan $23,87
retro necklace $3,14
shoulder bag $22,80

Another factor that makes leggings a good choice of purchase, particularly if you shop online, is that they are usually one size and their flexibility makes it easy to get the correct size. Of course one size doesn’t always mean it fits everybody, so make sure to check the site’s measurements like on

glam leggings

black-silver-golden leggings $13,38

 A party outfit could also include a pair of leggings. If you think a cotton pair would be boring or unsuitable for this occasion, look for something more impressive with a rock attitude or a glamorous style.

rock leggings

torn punk leggings $6,20
leather leggings $9,34
lace leggings $8,39

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Do you wear leggings too?
Which type is your favourite?

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