That’s why I like weddings!

I have always thought that Spring was the period that most weddings take place, but with so many invitations at the moment I have started to reconsider. Fortunately, I am not invited to all these weddings myself. One good thing when you start your own family is the fact that you are not automatically invited wherever your parents are invited too.

When I was a teenager I was so bored when I had to accompany the family to a wedding, baptism, etc. The reason of my attitude towards social events was the fact that I didn’t know most of the involved people. I had to miss a party or a day out with my friends on a Saturday evening for relatives I hadn’t seen before or people I didn’t care if they were getting married.

My mum used to say ‘If you don’t come to their wedding, they won’t come to yours either’. My answer was ‘That’s fine by me’, but still my mum made me go with them anyway. I never understood what difference it would make if I didn’t go, would anybody notice?

The funny part is that in many cases that I gave in and eventually followed the family, I was surprised of others’ ignorance of my existence. Except for the fact that most people called me with my sister’s name, some people had no idea there was a third child in the family. Maybe they were relatives who hadn’t seen my parents for years, but it was weird to see them trying to realise when there was a new addition to our home (Am I adopted or something? Did my parents try to hide me? Is it because of my big ears? Ha, ha!)

All these feelings about weddings changed when I started working. Then I started to get invited by people who I knew personally, like girls who worked with me. It is different when you are friends with the bride, you can’t wait to see your friend in her wedding dress or you even help her plan her wedding. I still remember when my colleague Joanna asked me to join her for her first wedding dress rehearsal. It was my first visit to a bridal shop and I don’t know how I was so self-controlled and didn’t ask to try on a dress too. Actually, a third girl who was there with us suggested that we put on wedding dresses too, but I stopped her before the shop assistant heard.

Now I receive wedding invitations from people of my age, old classmates or friends and I don’t complain anymore as going to weddings is fun. In fact, attending a wedding is a good excuse to dress up, do my hair and make up and wear dresses that have been waiting in my wardrobe for a long time. When a very close person, like a brother or sister, is getting married it’s also a good chance to buy a new outfit that you wouldn’t have thought of purchasing otherwise.

Browsing on prom dresses uk I found these amazing dresses from This is only a sample of the pieces I like as I couldn’t fit all my favourites here. If I could have one of these every time I went to a wedding!

I wonder when my kids grow, am I going to repeat my mum’s words when they don’t want to come to a wedding?

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