Have I realised my 2014 Resolutions?

At the beginning of 2014 I was determined to make some changes and decided to write down my resolutions for the new year.
I think now it’s a good time to check if I have managed to keep any of the promises I gave myself.
Reading my old post I am happily surprised to discover that I have been good and have accomplished a lot of them.
Let’s start!

In purple you can see what I had written last year here.

1. For the first time in my life I have gained extra weight. It’s been 3 months since I gave birth and there are eleven (+1 don’t tell anyone) kilos which are stuck on me. So, I promise to take care of my figure. As I have always been skinny while I ate everything I liked I’m not used to going on a diet, so I will try to achieve it in different ways.

Yes, yes, yes! There are only 3 kilos left! In Spring I dedicated less time on blogging and more time on exercising and walking as much as I could. But I still have a lot of work. I need to find time again to work out because my belly is loose. As I had written then I didn’t try any diet.

2. When I wonder why I can’t lose weight the first answer I give myself is that I don’t do anything about it. I eat too much chocolate and junk food instead. I should try and cut down on all these unhealthy treats, but not really to lose weight, but to protect my health. I know I’m not going to start eating vegetables and salads, but I could at least stop eating my son’s biscuits. Every week we buy about three packets of them, but I eat all of them in three days. So, when my son asks me to give him a biscuit he can’t believe we don’t have any and he makes me open the cupboard and all the jars he knows I keep them.

Ha ha! I just read my old post while I was eating the kids’ biscuits! Some things will never change. I hope I don’t regret it, but I continue consuming tons of chocolate!

3. Walk, walk, walk! I’ve always loved walking. I like walking around our area, but I also walk inside the house. As a student instead of sitting on my desk to do my homework, I used to walk around my room with my books in my hands. I never stopped walking until last summer. Even being pregnant I walked for about a quarter to take my son to a park far from our house and then back home. Now we are sitting at home as the weather is too cold to take the baby out. So, I can only walk in the house when I hold the baby.

I keep walking! I walk whenever I have the chance, I use the stairs and not the elevator when I am without the kids and I prefer to walk to the supermarket to buy some milk instead of going to the corner shop in my street. I enjoy walking and it really helps.

4. I won’t cut my hair. I always say that I’ll grow my hair, but I end up with a short bob haircut. This time I am determined to have long hair and I’ll take care of it. 

Yes, I made it and now what? I kept my promise, but I don’t do anything to make my hair look nice. I don’t know how I have resisted having a short bob haircut. I’m thinking of getting rid of all this mess around my head. My fear is that after I have cut my hair I may realise that the problem was my face and not my hair!

5. I’ll find time to read more books. In the past I used to read books only when Ι was on my summer break from work. Now I don’t devote any time on that. One of the reasons is I usually find time to read when I go to bed and as soon as I start reading I fall asleep!
It’s time I read Bridget Jones’ book and so many other books we have in our bookcase.

Shame on me, I haven’t read any books this year and it is something I have really missed. The truth is I can hardly manage to even see a movie.

6. I’ll go to bed earlier. Ιt’s so hypocritical to promise this while I’m sick and I’m still in front of my laptop at 0:45. But I have to try!

It is impossible! I feel like I have been cursed to go to bed only after 2 a.m. But it isn’t completely my fault, my baby has to go to sleep a little earlier too.

7. I won’t shout. Yes, sometimes I shout a lot. Be careful! Don’t put this in your mouth! Don’t, don’t, don’t!

I’m still trying. I think I have made some progress, but many times it is inevitable.

8. I will spend less time on the Internet. Ok, I’m laughing while I’m writing that. We all know this isn’t going to happen.

Contrary to what others may see, I think I spend less time in front of the computer. I check a lot of things on my mobile (even during the night when I wake up for the baby), but it’s only at night that I do most of the work. 

9. I will try to be better. A better mum, better daughter, better blogger. A better me!

It’s so hard to be a good mum! Being a parent requires so much time, patience, tolerance. I wish when my kids are old to think of me as a good mum. 
No, I’m not a good daughter, I don’t spend much time with my dad and I’m always mad at my mum.
About blogging, lately I can’t even find time to sit down and answer the comments on my blog and it’s something I really like doing.

10. I will concentrate on one thing. I usually do many things together, so maybe nothing is perfect at the end.

And I continue like this! As a Gemini I have a lot of selves, so I’ll ask each of them to do something different!
Have you achieved any goals in 2014?
Something that I didn’t intend to do, but I am happy I did is that I have been breastfeeding my baby until now.

I don’t know if I will write my new year’s resolutions again, but I must confess I have taken a new silly decision, I’ll get taller!
Girls shorter than me always say they are of the same height with me, so I’ll change my number! I don’t like telling lies, so I will only add a centimetre!

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