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blush color prom gown

The countdown to New Year’s Eve has started as 2015 will arrive in almost one month. Have you thought of what you are going to wear at the arrival of the new year?
Let’s do some window shopping for Weddinghe Sale Designer Dresses for Evening Party which you can find online.

At this time of the year where I live it’s winter, so a long-sleeved dress would be appropriate, but there are also so many options of short-sleeved, strapless or dresses with straps.
Lace is very popular at the moment, so you will probably see it on many designs.

On the site you can find New Dresses in 2015 for Evening Party with Discount Prices in a large variety of colours, fabrics and designs to choose from.


Here I have picked some of my favourite pieces from weddingshe, but the dress that has stolen my heart at the moment is the black and white one in the picture above!


dance dress


Is there a specific colour you tend to wear on New Year’s Eve?
What are your plans for that day? 
Do you intend to wear a formal dress or a casual look will be your choice?
Had you heard of this site before?

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