DIY: Air Freshener

Although you may manage to keep your house clean and tidy, bad smells sometimes are still present. Especially if there isn’t a door to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house, odours from there spread in your living room.

There is a very easy way to create an air freshener as I mentioned in the post: Tips and tricks to tidy your house quickly.
I use a small vaporisater – I bought mine from an 1 euro store – then I put a little fabric softener in it and I fill the rest of the bottle with water.
I shake and my mixture is ready. I usually spray it on the curtains and I haven’t noticed any stains.
That it is a material made to be used on clothes is not possible to damage your curtains. In addition, I suppose it is healthier than any other air freshener that contains chemicals. 
An extra use of this air freshener could be on your clothes hanging in the closet to freshen up or to spray on your coat before you leave the house. You could also try it in your car.
Have you ever tried anything similar?
What do you think of this easy to make air freshener?

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