5+1 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Wedding

This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a long time.
Here are some beauty mistakes you should avoid before your wedding and for the end I have left the mistake I did and was my motive to write these tips.

1. Whether you decide to do your bridal make up on your own or you turn to a professional, 
don’t try a look that it isn’t you. First of all, you need to feel comfortable and not feel weird by wearing colours you are not used to. Moreover, you want to show the best of you, but not pretend to be someone else.
If you want to wear something you haven’t tried before, like false lashes or red lipstick, make sure to try them on you before the big day.

I didn’t wear false lashes at my wedding as it was something I hadn’t tried before, but I found a good mascara instead.

2. You need to do a rehearsal and take photos of your make up in advance, so that you know what your make up is going to look like in front of the camera. Be aware that the lighting in your house is not the same as the one in church.

3. You can’t afford to hire a make up artist, but you are not good at doing your own make up either. If you intend to trust a friend or relative to do your make up, make sure you have done a trial. A woman who has a flawless make up doesn’t mean she can do the same on different faces. Think that she has done a lot of practice on herself for years to achieve this result.

Don’t try to copy celebrities’ trends on your make up. Trying contouring and highlighting can be a disaster.

4. Don’t wear your wedding dress during your make up rehearsal. Wearing white can help you realise if this look goes with your wedding dress or in case your dress is strapless where a strapless top to have a trial on what products to use on your body. It would be so stressful to see a stain on your dress.

5. You shouldn’t make drastic changes a few days before the ceremony. Trying to change your haircut or your eyebrows’ shape is something you should try months before your wedding.



For the end I have left a mistake I made before my wedding.
Although I had practised on my make up and I had a hair rehearsal in advance, a couple months prior to the wedding I dyed my hair black. It wasn’t anything risky for me as it is a colour I like on me, but a few days before the wedding I freshened up the colour with a brand I hadn’t used before. The result was that the dye was so hard I couldn’t remove it from my skin. I always put on some vaseline or ointment on my forehead, ears and sideburns when I use a dark shade on my hair, but this time the colour passed through it. I tried to get rid of it with lemon or ashes, but it had been absorbed. I remember I tried to cover it with make up and I think nobody noticed it in the end.

I am sure there are more things you should be careful not to do before the big moment. So, I guess there is going to be a part 2 of this post!

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