If celebrities weren’t famous

We have to admit we like it when we discover celebrities’ make up fails or any other photos that show that the rich and famous are just humans like us.
This time you won’t see real photos of celebrities, but imaginary suggestions of what celebrities would look like if they weren’t famous.
It’s funny to see a complete different version of the stars we know, but in most photos it looks like celebrities would have extra weight if they weren’t who they are.
I would like to see them with different make up, clothes and style, but they don’t have to be chubby.

Kim Kardashian


Sharon Osbourne


David Beckham


Tom Cruise – Mariah Carey




Jay Z – Beyonce


Britney Spears


Gwyneth Paltrow


Jennifer Garner – Ben Affleck


Jennifer Aniston


J Lo


John Travolta


Johnny Depp




The Kardashians


Lady Gaga


Nicole Kidman


Pamela Anderson


David – Victoria Beckham

Which transformation is your favourite?

Photos: Planet HiltronDaily Mail

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