Prolong the Life of your Pearls: How to Properly Care for Pearl Jewelry

Caring for your pearl jewelry, such as the ones you can find at, is essentially to maintaining them for years to come. Unfortunately, most people overlook the care and cleaning of their pearl jewelry. Not only will these have a negative effect on the overall appearance of your pearls but it will also reduce their lifespan. Thankfully, the following care and cleaning tips will help keep your pearls looking their best for generations.

• When cleaning the jewelry, only use cleaners designed for use on pearl jewelry. A lot of cleaners are too harsh and abrasive for the pearls, and will cause more harm than good.
• Don’t steam clean the pearl jewelry.
• Avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner on the pearls.
• Don’t ever use wash or dish detergents, powdered cleansers, ammonia-based cleaners, bleaches or baking soda on pearls.
• Don’t wear pearl jewelry when the string is wet. This will cause the string to stretch and attract dirt and debris, which is difficult to remove.
• Never clean pearls with scouring pads, toothbrushes or abrasive materials.
• Never hang the pearl earrings to dry.
• Try not to wear your pearl jewelry when wearing rough fabrics, such as Shetland wood.
• When applying perfume, makeup or hair spray, take the pearls off. This will help keep them clean and looking their best.
• Take the pearl jewelry off before swimming, showering or bathing.
• If you wear them often, have your pearls restrung by a professional once a year.

The best way to care and clean for your pearl jewelry is to always wipe them off after wearing. A chamois or other soft cloth – either wet or dry – works best. Doing this simple step will help keep dirt and debris from accumulating on the pearls. Furthermore, it prevents perspiration – which is a bit acidic – from damaging the natural luster of the pearls. An insider trick to helping the pearls maintain their luster is to add a drop of olive oil to the chamois or soft cloth and wipe the pearls down. 

Pearl jewelry that is extremely dirty should be taken to a trusted jeweler to be cleaned. You can also clean them yourself if you use the jewelry cleaner designed for pearls. After cleaning the pearls, place them flat on a soft, moistened towel to dry. The pearls should be dried once the towel is.

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