Flowers in my heart! Floral dresses for every figure

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Summer is around the corner and although I prefer the cold weather, I love lighter outfits much more.
Especially dresses! It’s a piece you can wear from the beginning of the day until late for a night out.
There are so many styles to choose from, but floral designs are very popular at this time of the year.
Depending on your style and your body type, you can find the one that flatters your figure.

Some types of dresses are suitable to wear all day long. You can wear them to go to the beach or meet your friends for a coffee.
Loose dresses are very comfortable and suitable during hot days, but be careful not to choose a dress that is too baggy as it may make you look bigger than you really are.

To highlight your thin figure you can go for a pencil dress with a belt at the waist combined with a pair of high heeled sandals and the right accessories.


Do you feel that Summer dresses can be very revealing and you are afraid your flaws are going to show?
If there is a part of your body you are not confident with, I am sure there must be another characteristic of yours you are proud of and you can give emphasis there.


Midi dresses are very classy, but they require the right height of shoes so that your legs look thinner.
Flat shoes should be avoided if your calves are chubby.


Create illusions with your clothes by using contrasts. 
Highlight what you want to show off and conceal what you want to hide, like you do with your make up!
Colours and patterns can be your friend or your enemy.



You can find all these beautiful dresses and more here.
Are you a fan of dresses too?
Mini, midi or long dresses would be your choice?

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