Hen Night Party Affordable Ideas

Your best friend is getting married and the organization of the hen night party is your responsibility as you are her maid of honor?
Being in charge of the event doesn’t mean you need to stress yourself out or spend a fortune.

Together with the bridesmaids, if this is possible, make plans for your friend’s last night of freedom!

After you have set the date, you need to decide on the venue. The most economic place to have the party is somebody’s house.
Make a list of the ladies you are going to invite and make sure to inform them in time.

Do you remember Monica’s from ‘Friends’ bachelorette party? At the end Rachel and Phoebe had forgotten to invite the bride-to-be. So, if you are planning it as a surprise, don’t forget to bring the bride too!

In case the honored guest isn’t taking part in the planning of the party, you should be very careful about who is going to be invited. You wouldn’t like her to come face to face with somebody she doesn’t get along with and the absence of a close person would be a problem too. 

Of course only women are allowed to attend the party. Well, what other colour can you choose for the decoration except for pink? Pink balloons, confetti, headbands and streamers will give your party a very girlie atmosphere.

Be creative and add small details that are going to make the bride see that the preparations have your personal signature.
Stickers related to wedding can be put on different items and you can even create an alternative guest book.

Ask your guests to write a little message and wishes on a stone which you are going to collect in a vase and the bride can keep and decorate in her house later.

Although this special occasion can be very sentimental, everybody wants to have fun when they go to a party.

You can gossip about men as they aren’t present, but playing games can be a part of the party too.
You can play cheeky hens night games or if you choose to be nice there are other types of games to fill the night.

Bride and Groom Scratch Off Game Cards, Bridal Play Dice Game or Wedding Ring Scratch Off Game Cards are available in the market.



Or you can play the Bridal Shower Bracelet Game!  
How To Play:
  1. As your guests arrive at the bridal shower, give each guest a bracelet to wear.
  2. Once all of your guests have arrived, explain the rules of this game by informing your guests that some words, for example ‘bride’, ‘groom’, ‘wedding’ are off-limits.
  3.  The chosen words may not be spoken throughout the entire bridal shower. If a guest is caught saying one of these words, the guest who caught her is allowed to take her bracelet.
  4. At the end of the bridal shower, the guest with the most bracelets on her wrist wins a prize. And all of the other guests are allowed to keep any bracelets they are still wearing.
After all the playing or even dancing, you are sure to need something to eat. If a catering company is too much for your budget, finger food, sandwiches and sweet treats like cupcakes are great choices.

You can make the theme of the party more special by making it a tea party, especially if the time of the event is not in the evening.

Congrats to your friend!
Good luck and have fun!


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