Summer food for a healthy beach body

A year ago I went to Greece (would love to go back now!) and tried delicious sweets that a friend bought to me – Trigona panoramatos(Greek Panorama
triangles), bougatsatsourekimelomakarono (especially made for me, although it wasn’t Christmas) and more – I thank her for all the amazing sweets, that I’d love to eat again. It took me a year to lose the kilos I put on!

 I could have lost them in a month, if I wanted, but we must lose weight healthily, slowly – that’s what experts say. As it’s time for summer, great Greek islands, dreamy beaches, I thought of sharing some recipes!

I’m vegetarian (I don’t like the taste of meat), but please include it to the dishes below shown, if you want, like ham, for example. This is my personal experience – by no means I’m saying you should do the same. I’m not on a diet, I just am used to eat this way. For diets, I recommend you consult a doctor. Diets planned by oneself often lead to losing vitamins and unhealthy skin.
My food habits:
I never skip breakfast. There was a time I never ate anything in the morning, but believe me, it’s really good to start the day with something light. It will keep you feeling good throughout the day;
I eat carbs or sweets at lunch or early iafternoon. They build some “resistance” for some hours;
For dinner, I eat something light. Eating a lot or too fat things at dinner causes nightmares, believe me (oh, how I know about it!);
* Finally, I drink plenty of water during the day. It is excellent for the body and skin (people always compliment my skin – I credit it to water, sleeping well, a great Greek glycerin soap and olive oil 🙂
Obviously, I have more kilos to lose 🙂 For the time being I’m OK this way and if you like, here you can find some vegetarian dishes to help. The recipes you can find here:

Avocado penne salad 
Avocado is very important, with its essential healthy fat and fiber. Read more here
Cottage cheese salad with raisins 
No fat cheese! Add some olive oil to make it tastier and raisins for a sweet-sour taste!
Healthy colorful  salad
Talking about fibers, here we go with leeks, carrots, rocket leaves and tomatoes!
Hope you liked the recipes and tell us what you do to reach a healthy summer body! Any suggestions? We would love to hear and learn about them! Thank you!

Denise S. is the blogger behind DenisesPlanet, a blog about her adventures, studies, readings and fashion, as well. She loves shoes, travelling, roses, learning languages and sweets, among other things. Learning from people and respecting each other’s opinions are always very important for her!

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