DIY: Castle with paper rolls

While I was collecting stuff for recycling, I started keeping paper rolls in order to use them in future DIY projects.

For this creation I have used paper rolls, some carton, glue, two toothpicks, some plasteline and a 3 year old’s help!

If you want to make it look like a princess’ palace, you can use pink. For our soldiers’ castle we chose blue and grey.

We didn’t need to buy any materials as all the things we used can be found at home.

To make the roofs I cut out two circles with the use of a round bottle. We drew gates and windows on the paper rolls and added two flags which were firmed with the plasteline.

The cover of an old notebook was used as walls and balcony.

This is an easy fast DIY project. You can make it as big as you like.

The next creation with paper rolls is going to be a girlie one, so stay tuned!

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