DIY: Five Cosmetic Cases with Paper Rolls and Denim

Here’s another attempt to create the appropriate cases to store my cosmetics. You may remember what I created last year.

This time I got inspired by paper rolls!
My previous project with them was a castle. This time I made something for myself.

All the materials I used were found at home except for the pink cotton paper which I bought from the bookshop.

For the first case I used an empty box I had never used until now and I separated little spaces with the rolls.


Next is an old box I used to store CDs in. I decorated it with the cotton paper and some denim fabric from old jeans. To make it more glamorous I added a few rhinestones and a pendant from a necklace.

Again, with a piece of an old pair of jeans I made a small case which I installed inside the previous box.

Here is one I made using denim again to cover a plastic tray which I bought with some meat! I tied the edges of the fabric with ribbons and I put in six paper rolls which I joined together with a little glue. I didn’t like it in the end and didn’t keep it.

The last one is a gift a gave to a young girl to put her cosmetics or school pencils.

I have shown before ideas on how to recycle your old jeans.

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