Why is breast lift still a taboo?

Many women face the issue of saggy breasts, but they are terrified of the idea of undergoing surgery. This because it is still a very controversial topic, if not a taboo, and they tend to imagine horror story scenarios.

What breast lift is and what it isn’t
First of all, awareness should be raised about the differences between plastic and cosmetic surgery, since cosmetic surgery is less risky and deals with body esthetics but not reconstruction. Breast surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure, also known as mastopexy, and it aims to change the shape and positioning of breasts and nipples by removing excess breast skin and tissue and repositioning the remaining tissue. It is usually done within two to three hours under complete anesthesia so the very surgery is painless. It does not change the size of the breasts, so it shouldn’t be confused with breast reduction or breast augmentation surgeries, and it does not involve breast implants although these two surgeries are often done at the same time.
Reasons for having a breast lift
Breast lift is done by many women worldwide to correct the appearance of sagging breasts resulting from weight loss, hormone imbalance, pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics or simply the ageing process. Breasts naturally lose their elasticity and firmness due to the weakening of breast ligaments and tissue over time. Sometimes it’s done because of muscle atrophy. The most important reasons however are low self confidence concerning one’s looks, low sex drive, and self consciousness.
The main con of having a breast lift is that it leaves permanent scars on breasts but they fade with time and can be covered with bras and bathing suits. Also, any surgery always involves a certain amount of risk like bleeding and infection, and one should be well prepared to deal with reactions to anesthesia, pain, swelling and discomfort post-surgery. There are also risks of getting asymmetrical breasts and nipple positions, losing sensation in nipples and not being able to breastfeed. These are very rare and can be avoided by finding a good trustworthy surgeon.

The pros of a breast lift are that breasts are higher, perkier and have a better shape with removal of loose skin. This gives a more womanly figure and a more youthful look. Medically speaking, it can also help reduce neck and back pain and help with skin sweating and inflammation under sagging breasts. Breast lifts usually result in improved posture and spinal health as well. The most significant results are emotional and mental such as renewed confidence, self-esteem, a new zest for life, feeling attractive and younger and improved sex life. Women tend to wear more revealing clothes post-surgery and enjoy their body more.

Thousands of successful breast lift surgeries are performed every year with no major problems and women are more than pleased with the results. The number of women undergoing breast lift surgery is dramatically increasing as cosmetic surgery is becoming more accepted in society. Even though there are surgeons who are more concerned with your money than with their service, a good way to assess them is to talk to people who have already had the surgery and book a consultation with a surgeon. Consultations are usually free,  as we were told by a breast lift surgeon from a clinic in Sydney, because asking many questions and learning everything about the procedure is beneficial for both parties and there is usually no obligation to proceed. It is important to be in good health, to understand the main risks and possible outcomes, to be realistic with your expectations and to follow the doctor’s orders.

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