Tips for organizing your messy closet

You know that feeling when you’re about to open your closet and pray for your life so that a pile of unorganized and cluttered clothes won’t fall on your head. This potential bomb can cause a lot of stress every time when you’re searching for what to wear. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you are short on storage, there are ways to organize your closet accordingly and make the “what to wear” experience a more pleasant one.
Here, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to de-clutter your closet without much effort and reach the no mess – no stress level.

Don’t go solo in this adventure
This is a big undertaking, so you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Unless you are living alone, there is always some inmate eager to help. So, motivate your kids, friends and husband, to make this a fun experience, you can promise some giveaways for them if they offer their helping hands. Make everyone in the house in charge for their own clothes, it will be easier for you and them, and anything worth saving won’t be thrown away.

Starting from the very beginning
This means exactly what you’ve feared: take everything out of the closet. Yes everything, the clothes, the shoes, the bags. There is no way of sorting everything out if you leave some pieces inside the closet, no matter how well they are folded. Now that you have your own piles of mess, it’s time to do some sorting. You’ll probably find some clothes you’re not willing to wear anymore, so the question is, what to do with it. A part of it will most likely go into the trash can, but you can even earn money while de-cluttering by giving it to consignment stores, such as, to sell it for you. The part that is not for wasting and not for selling you can give away to charity.

Divide the closet into sections
It should be a place for everything in your closet, and for you it will be much easier if you are not mixing summer clothes with winter ones, or shoes with coats. So, you should designate a section for shoes, another one for bags, and one for clothes which you’ll divide in subsections (by seasons or occasions – formal and casual). You can make the most out of the space by adding extra shelves, especially vertical and hanging shelving which you can install literally anywhere.

Tricks to make your life easier
Use all the unused space, back of the closet door might not seem as a great place for your shoes, but it is. So hang canvas shoe storage on it, and rid yourself of a headache. The area on the floor, shouldn’t be ignored too, you can acquire some cubby cubes and store your underwear, socks and tee-shirts or some other things, such as bags and belts. Installing hooks in your closet will help you keep your hats, scarves and accessories well-organized, and you’ll have your necessities on the reach of your hand. Using vacuum bags for storing your seasonal clothes can be a real game-changer if you’re dealing with insufficient room.
It’s not that hard, is it? After overcoming so many obstacles you’ll realize that at the end your hard work has paid off and you’ll be able to enjoy an organized and well arranged closet.

Chloe is a fashion-and-beauty enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia, editor at HighStyleLife and a Contributor to The Fashion Culte Magazine.
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