5 Signs That You Are the Ultimate Bargain Hunter

You know how to save up extra when shopping and you’re proud of it. When buying outfits, gifts and various personal care items, you always cross-check retailers for the best deals. Your friends usually describe you as a treasure hunter who can dive out a great-looking dress with a ridiculous price tag out of a sea of shabby clothes in every store you enter.

Believe it or not, you may be a bargain hunter in the making even without knowing it! Here are five top signs you’re the person who can find best deals without blinking – or thinking about it too much.

  1. You love to buy stuff at off-season sales

Years of experience have taught you that best deals come out of peak shopping seasons. When shopping for a, say, stunning summer dress or a knocker pair of sandals, you’ll do your window shopping in late spring or early autumn. Buying things off-season means discounts and sale-out price cuts, and every bargain hunter has a knack of getting their gear for less than other people usually pay for the same quality.

  1. Your business schedule is framed around sale dates

You tend to schedule your business meetings and important work-related tasks based on peak sale dates. Why should you deprive yourself of discounts if you can make your work truly work for you and allow you to have time off when it suits your budget best? You know when the prices in your favorite homeware, book and clothing stores are down and you don’t hesitate to use the advantage to get the stuff you want for less money, even if it means staying late at work or showing up in the office earlier than other employees.

  1. You have a newsletter-specific email

You’ve created a special email to use at stores that deliver newsletters about current or upcoming sales and discounts. As a loyal customer, you love to make the most of your brand fidelity and will go to any extra effort required granted it will save you some extra cash for another session of smart shopping. So, really, why are your friends so surprised by the fact that you have a separate email that you use in stores only?

  1. You’re reluctant to give gift with price tags attached

You always find the perfect gifts for your friends and family, and they’re always delighted with your choice of presents. Still, when it comes to the actual figures, you’re not exactly eager to tell them that you got that piece of statement jewelry for discount price or that you grabbed that gift at the end-of-season warehouse sales in Melbourne because they may feel discouraged or hurt by the fact that you saved up when buying a present for them, not because you tried to but because it’s a talent.

  1. You’d skip Friday clubbing night because of Saturday shopping spree

Sure, dancing away in the local club on a Friday night sounds great, but getting that perfect pair of shoes or much-wanted makeup kit on a Saturday sale is beyond doubt far more important. Your friends will never get that, though, so why bother telling them you’re not going out because you want to turn in earlier and have more time for shopping and cross-comparing of prices tomorrow morning?

Cristina Nika Kask is an aspiring fashion blogger from Sydney. Likes to get lost in the world of fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular guest blogger and writes for the pure pleasure of it. Constantly in search for love and finding it in different places every time. Last year, she started saving money for the biggest adventure of her life yet. 

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