How to create a walk-in wardrobe in your home

A walk-in wardrobe is something that we usually associate with celebrities or the rich – after all, who else has the money and space to have a walk-in wardrobe? Well, the answer might be quite surprising. You do not need to be a celebrity or fabulously rich to create a walk-in wardrobe in your home.

A small bedroom in a house can be awkward to style. There may not be enough space to have a bed, wardrobes and other furniture, but the room itself should not go to waste. All too often, this small room can become a dumping space for storing items that you think  you may need at a later stage. Clearing out this room can be the first step to creating a room that really works for you. You could create a guest room with a single bed, or you could use the room to create a walk-in wardrobe.
If you are going to turn the room into a walk-in wardrobe, you need to maximize the space. Floor to ceiling wardrobes are a great way of storing clothing, as you can have several rails at different levels for carrying shorter items, while a single rail in another part of the wardrobe can hold longer items. Shelving can also be used to stack clothes vertically, thus creating much more space for storing your clothes. Keeping the wardrobe open not only means that you do not have to allow room for doors, it also allows you to see where things are. Alternatively, you can use a mix of open areas and drawers to hold items.
Small rooms that were not originally designed to be wardrobes will have windows, and these will need to be dressed in some way. The best way to dress the windows is with shutters. Shutters are stylish and they take up less room than curtains. Choose shutters that match the colour of your wardrobe and you can create a stunning effect that makes the shutters part of the wardrobe. Shutters need not be expensive – you can find affordable luxury shuttersonline and if you fit them yourself, this will keep the cost down.


Depending on your budget, you could get a professional to design and build your walk-in wardrobe for you. This would create a beautiful walk-in wardrobe, but if your budget does not run to this, there are cheaper ways of optimizing the space. There are a number of companies that create storage solutions, including rails, baskets etc that can be used to create your walk-in wardrobe. By building up your wardrobe from the various items available, you can create a wardrobe that works for you. 
DIY stores will also often have storage solutions that can be used to create your own walk-in wardrobe. If funds are really tight, then choose some basic items such as rails and small chest of drawers to create your walk-in wardrobe. Remember, the aim of a walk-in wardrobe is to make the best possible use of the space available.

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