Pasticcio Recipe! Step by step photos

When I want to impress with my cooking skills I make pasticcio. It’s a good choice as it is something special, but very easy to cook.

The only disadvantages are that I have to use a lot of utensils and it’s a little expensive as it needs a lot of ingredients. And of course, it ends right away!

1,5 lt milk

500 gr minced meat

bechamel (includes 2 or 3 sachets depending on the packaging)

1 packet spaghetti no 2


spices/cinnamon stick

tomato sauce


grated cheese


In action!

1. Boil the spaghetti

2. Cook the minced meat (heat some oil and chopped onion, add the meat, (wine, salt). Then, add water and some tomato sauce/paste, 3 spices and a stick of cinnamon).

3. Spread the spaghetti into a baking pan, add some grated cheese and the meat. You can blend them all together.

4. Pour the milk and the bechamel into a large bowl and stir until the mixture is solid.

5. Pour the mixture over the spaghetti, add some grated cheese and a little butter.

6. Bake in the oven.

This is a recipe my sister has given me. I haven’t looked up for a different recipe ‐ and I don’t know if there is a different way to make it‐ as I get a lot of praises when I cook it and everybody loves it!

Buon appetito!!!

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