Being trendy is a national priority!

On the global fashion scene the style of India is very dominant this year. Many designers display pieces in their collections that are inspired by the unique designs and materials.

Playing with tradition
This style provides a great opportunity to combine different pieces of clothing and is recognizable by the distinctive patterns and colors. It’s not just limited to wide tunics and trousers anymore, because today, Indian traditional materials are used for a lot of classic designs. Basically, this style is now adapted to different tastes and a large selection of clothes with different cuts can be used in many different forms. In addition, this style is appropriate for almost all occasions, both for day and the evening.
Beautiful clothes
In most collections prevail dresses inspired by India and the colors and patterns fully reflect this style. Among those are often found long and flowing models combined with bright colors that are perfect for summer evenings. Very trendy are straight cut dresses reminiscent of the tunics that can be worn with pants. They are very chic and usually designed in layers, with large frills and somewhat narrower pleats that highlight the silhouette.
Lightweight pants made of comfortable materials are also unavoidable and can be seen in the casual and elegant combinations. Wide patterned tunics are mostly inspired by Indian traditional fashion, especially easily recognizable Salwar Kameez.
Inspiration for designers
The new collections of designers have to adapt them to current trends, but only in the cut, while the colors and patterns remained recognizable at the first glance. Wide short skirts, long skirts with straight cut, as well as folding ones are also designed in the spirit of India, and they are equally trendy and stylish and streaked with patterns and prints.
Important details
Details are also an important part of this style. Sometimes details alone are sufficient for your entire look to get a feel of India. Whatever your choice is – jewelry, belt, bag, sandals, scarves or sarees – you cannot go wrong in most combinations.
New fashion center
Exotic subcontinent became the center of the fashion industry and the inspiration for the many famous designers. From inspiration to the world’s greatest designers, to the development of its own fashion scene, India has become the new fashion center. In addition to growing earnings designers make in India, they recently started looking for inspiration in this country and its tradition, and Indian fabrics are becoming especially valuable.
Endless possibilities
It took a long time for Indian fashion to be noticed, but it’s really come a long way. Indian fashion is appreciated, ideas are accepted, and their traditional fabrics are used for conventional models. Designers around the world have been impressed with the possibilities and ways of making their fabric and unique patterns.
Tradition is fashionable
In a world where fashion is dominated by Paris, Milan and New York – cities that dictate fashion, it is difficult to imagine how an Indian city could actually get involved, but their technology is becoming more advanced, and preserved tradition more interesting.
Find the exotic and glamorous side of the tunics, loose blouses or dresses, combined with the finest embroidery and accessories that stand out. Make the most of your summer tan by wearing this comfortable trendy clothing which intense hues will make you more radiant.


If you really don’t like the idea of drawing the attention to yourself with bright colors too much, you can always incorporate more white pieces in your outfit. You can also take advantage of Indian fashion by combining its heavenly style with things you already have.

Cristina Nika Kask is an aspiring fashion blogger from Sydney. Likes to get lost in the world of fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular guest blogger and writes for the pure pleasure of it. Constantly in search for love and finding it in different places every time. Last year, she started saving money for the biggest adventure of her life yet. 

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