Essential Wedding Planning Tips For The Bride

I do!
It’s almost here! The big day when you finally get to say I do to the one you love. Or, isn’t it? The weeks and months leading up to your wedding day are going to feel like some of the longest of your life. It may not feel like it now but that’s a blessing in disguise. There’s so much to plan and prepare that it’s useful for time to stretch a little, even if the wait feels like an age. Besides, we have got some great tips that are going to make planning your wedding an absolute cinch.

Cut Costs Where You Can


A wedding is one big expensive, extravaganza. Unless of course you’re eloping and if that’s the case we hope you have an awesome time in Las Vegas. But, if you have an idea in your head for what your dream wedding is, it’s probably going to cost a fortune. So, you should start to think about how you can reduce the expense without losing the important aspects.


I think a prime example of this is the wedding invitations. We know that a lot of brides spend a fortune on their wedding invitations, and there is no need. Before you jump ahead, I’m not suggesting you just invite people on Facebook or by phone. But, you can make your invitations, and they can still look beautiful and stunning. All you need is some white card, envelopes, ribbon and fake pearls. With some DIY, you can make some fantastic invitations out of these materials. I imagine you’ll probably end up saving a small fraction of the cost by doing this. But every little helps.

Find The Perfect Dress

What’s the most important part of a wedding for the bride? I’ve already given you the answer. It’s the wedding dress, and you want it to be absolutely perfect. When you are choosing a bridal shop for wedding dresses, we suggest you opt for one that offers a personal experience. They should be helping make one of the most important days of your life as special as it can be. Don’t forget that the right wedding dress can make a girl, any girl, look like a princess.

However, once you find your perfect dress I do recommend you start dieting so that you can look your best. After all, people only plan on getting married once, don’t they?


Make Your Ceremony Unique


There are plenty of ways to make your wedding ceremony unique. You have probably seen quite a few in romance movies and TV shows. But I think the easiest way is by choosing a personal tune to walk down the aisle with. You don’t have to have the wedding march as you walk down the aisle to your true love. Instead, you can opt for a tune that says something about you. It could be a melody from your childhood or part of the song that you and your partner have chosen represents your relationship.  


Whether you take this advice on board or not, I hope your wedding is truly wonderful.




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