How to Design and Make Your Own Band of Gold

What could be more unique and personal than designing your own wedding rings? For adventurous and romantic couples, this is an appealing challenge too good to miss!

Under the watchful eye of a professional, you too could create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Exchange your rings at the altar safe in the knowledge that no other couple has a ring like yours.

Your wedding ring is the most precious item of jewelry you’ll ever own. Take time to perfect the skills to do justice to your band of gold.

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Find a Course

Firstly, you need to find the right course of instruction to help you achieve your vision. There are lots of courses teaching amateur jewellers how to create bespoke pieces. A wedding ring is a precious item so decide what course of instruction is most suitable. A one-day course may not be in-depth enough. A class or workshop comprised of different stages will enable you to build upon your skills week on week.

Carefully read the course description. Each differs in the level of skills taught. Find out whether the course elements cover everything you need to achieve your dream rings.  
Plan the Design

How do you envisage your end product? Draw some sketches to see the design in your mind’s eye take shape on paper. Collect magazine articles and pictures of ring designs you like. Be inspired by designers’ collections and use as a blueprint for building your own ideas. Gather jewellers’ brochures and gain inspiration from collections such as Tacori wedding rings. Look to the wider wedding industry too. What styles are popular for this season’s wedding dresses? What are next year’s hottest bridal colors set to be?  

The design should be realistic in terms of your skill levels. A complicated piece isn’t always the prettiest. Sometimes the most dainty and simple designs have the greatest impact.

Choose the Metal

Gold and silver are the most common materials used for wedding rings. Silver, platinum silver, rose gold, and white gold. There are lots of variants on the traditional metals. Contemporary couples are turning their attention to more quirky options. Wood, glass, and resin create stunning unique designs to tempt you. Titanium and palladium are gaining in popularity too, especially for grooms.


Gemstones are synonymous with engagement rings. However, it isn’t uncommon for gemstones to feature as part of a wedding band design too. Stone setting is a special skill. Determine if this is an adjunct of your workshop. If not, you could always commission a jeweller to inset a stone for you. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and opals. Decide which stone, or combination of stones, fits your design.

Finished Result

Decide how the finished band will look. Do you want to create a highly polished finish, or a matt appearance? Consider the durability and practicality of your design. If the band is plain, consider an engraving to personalize the piece even more.

Sizing Guides

Ensure that the ring is sized correctly. Jewellers use an industry standard measuring device which you should use too. The choice of material may necessitate a bit of leeway on ring sizes. Rings can always be re-sized if they are later deemed to be too loose or tight.

Wow your friends and family with your unique creations and save money on a designer brand.


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