Hair Tips for Women with Normal Hair

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If you’re looking to make every day a good hair day then listed below are some hair tips for women recommended by hair stylists to make your tresses shiny, healthy and beautiful.

  1. Get regular trims
Trimming your hair regularly can make it very healthy. You should go to your hairstylist every two to three months and tell him to cut half an inch to an inch of your hair. Getting a trim every two to three months is going to make sure that you get rid of all the damaged and dry hair at the tips of your hair. So your hair won’t tangle as much and it’ll be shinier, healthier and so much fresher. If you do this regularly for a year you’ll see a significant change in your hair. It’ll have less split ends and it will look shinier, healthier and so much better.
  1. Don’t over brush your hair
Brush your hair when it’s damp because it’s much easier that way and it causes less damage to your hair. Most hair stylists say that over brushing your hair isn’t good for you because it leads to more damage and more split ends as you go over your hair again and again. So unless you really need to brush your hair there’s no need to brush it. You can set your hairstyle by running your fingers through your hair to minimize the damage. Also try and get a wide teethed comb as it is better than regular brushes and combs.
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  1. Abstain from coloring your hair too often
Hair dyes have a lot of chemicals in them that really damage your hair so if you want your hair to be the healthiest then you should avoid color treating your hair. If you can’t stop coloring your hair then try not to do it as often. But the ultimate best thing for your hair is to let it grow without putting any chemicals in it. It gets really healthy that way.
  1. Incorporate healthy foods in your diet
A lot of times your hair can get damaged or dull looking because you are lacking certain vitamins. So to combat such problems you should increase your vitamin intake. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of infusing your body with those essential vitamins and nutrients for your hair. If you change your eating habits then you’ll see a significant change in the way your hair looks. For example, if you have zinc deficiency then you’re likely to have dandruff in your hair. So eating vegetables like spinach which are dense in zinc can help you get rid of flaky and dry scalp.
  1. Drinking water and getting enough protein
Our hair is primarily made up of protein. If your hair starts losing protein then it will start getting damaged and you will get split ends. So you can try to incorporate more protein into your diet by drinking protein shakes and eating protein dense foods like dairy products.
Water is another great source to keep your hair healthy. If you want your hair to be shiny you have to drink enough water. You should drink about 8 glasses of water daily.
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