13 Things You Should Know About Beauty

If you love all things beauty, you probably want to learn as much as you possibly can. This post aims to do just that! Of course I couldn’t include every little thing there is to know, so I thought I’d just include 13 of the most important. Every beauty enthusiast needs to know the following 13 things:

Your Skin Type Matters

Your skin type is one of the most important things ever, whether you’re trying to come up with an effective skincare routine or you want to choose a new foundation. It all matters! Certain skin types won’t agree with certain types of foundation and even eyeshadow. If you want your face to look flawless and last all day long, you need to know your skin type. Get it looked at by a professional if you’re unsure.

skin type matters!

Experimenting is Essential

Experimenting in beauty is essential. Something your best friend does may not work the same way for you. You need to know what works for you, so you’re going to need to be prepared to play around with different products, tools, and colors.

The Right Tools Can Take You Places

Having the right beauty tools can take you places. There are a variety of brushes, sponges, and even eyelash curlers that will help you to enhance your natural beauty and get the most natural looking effect from your makeup techniques. I know people who wonder what they ever did before they discovered the Beauty Blender. Surely, a sponge can’t make that much of a difference? But it really can! You can find the perfect tools for you on sites like BeautyProductWarnings.com.

It’s OK to Invest

It’s OK to invest in some beauty products. You shouldn’t feel guilty for spending a little more on a good lipstick or eyeshadow; they last a long time in the palette and on the skin, and you can tell the difference most of the time.

Drugstore Makeup Can Be Just as Good

However, that doesn’t mean you should shun drugstore makeup forever. It can be just as good! There are some brands you can find for a very reasonable price that are perfect dupes of their more expensive counterparts. Make sure you do your research before you splash out, so you know whether you should spend more money or not.

You Should Aim to Enhance, Not Mask

Beauty shouldn’t be about masking your natural features. You don’t want to hide your skin color or completely change the shape of your face. You simply want to enhance it. Beauty is all about showing people how naturally beautiful you can look, not how you can make yourself look like a different person.

It Isn’t All About the Products You Use

Beauty isn’t always about the products you use either. It’s about lots of different things; beauty starts from the inside, you know! You need to make sure you’re eating foods that will make you beautiful from the inside out. You need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. When I get enough sleep, you can really see it on my eyes! Even exercise can play a part. Make sure you’re doing things other than applying makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

Beauty is Subjective

If you like a lipstick color, eyeshadow color, or something else, you should wear it. Don’t worry about what anybody else says. Beauty is subjective. One person might love it, another might hate it. This is why the only person who’s opinion really matters is you!

Natural Light is Your Best Friend

When applying beauty products, natural light is your best friend. Putting makeup on in natural light gives you an accurate idea of what it’ll look like everywhere else. If you apply your makeup in artificial light, you may go outside to realise that you have tide marks and telltale smudges!

Use appropriate brushes

You Can Never Blend Too Much

There’s no such thing as blending too much, ever! You need to blend as much as you can to ensure a flawless finish with your makeup. Use a beauty blender or another good makeup sponge to get a natural finish. Blend your foundation into your neck and around your hairline. Make sure your contour blends perfectly. Blend your eyeshadow to get a nice, smoky finish. Blend until you can’t possibly blend anymore!

Hairspray Your Face

Hairspray your face after makeup application to keep it in place for much longer. Just be sure you hold your breath – breathing in hairspray is never pleasant! You can also find setting sprays for makeup, although these are more expensive – especially if you are going to use it only once for a special occasion.

Contouring is a Must

Contouring is a must. It’s only just gained mainstream popularity, although it’s been around for quite sometime. Don’t worry though; you don’t need to spend ages doing it and use lots of different products to get the look. All you need is a nice highlighter and a bit of bronzer. You can then go about bronzing areas such as the deeper part of the cheekbone and forehead, and highlighting the higher part of the cheekbone and nose. This will give you a more ‘3D’ makeup look, and enhance you in all of the right places.
contour and highlight
Always Curl Your Lashes

Always curl your eyelashes. If you’re wearing false lashes, this rule need not apply. However, if you’re ever just applying mascara, make sure you curl your lashes to get some more length and volume. Heat up your curlers for a few seconds with a hairdryer, then hold them for a few seconds on your lashes. Go over each eye twice to get a curly, long lasting finish. It’ll really open up your eyes! Just make sure you don’t burn your skin.

Now you know these 13 things about beauty, you can go and perfect your own beauty routine. Knowing your skin type will allow you to pick the perfect products for you, and investing in the right products will help you enhance your beauty. Ideally, you don’t want anybody to know how much makeup you’re wearing, so be smart. Use these tips and you’ll go far. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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