How To Clear A Stuffy Nose

These days I don’t feel very well and I suppose the crazy, unstable autumn weather has left a lot of you with the annoying feeling of not being able to breathe, you have a stuffed nose and headache.

I came across this video with two ways to help you clear your noise and breathe easily and I have also found some tips below that can provide you some relief.

If you try these tips, I would like to know if they helped.


  • Rub gently, with one or both hands, on the sides of your nose, starting at the bridge in between your eyes, rubbing gently on both sides in a circular motion down until right before you hit your nostrils. Repeat a few times (will depend on the severity of the stuffy nose). The mucus will begin to drip out. Lean over the sink and run hot water as you do this. Another helpful tip would be to do this after putting a warm compress over your nose, making sure you keep your nostrils uncovered.
  • Try having some fresh air. As long as you don’t have hay fever, this can sometimes make you feel better.
  • If you use a chest rub, put a heating pad or warm compress on your chest. It helps get the vapor up to your nose.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep as, not having enough sleep can make your blocked nose and cold worse.
  • Use steam, that will definitely help you. Do not rub your nose with a handkerchief, use a tissue.
  • When making your own saline solution, make sure to use distilled water to prevent any possible nasal irritation due to foreign substances in the water such as bacteria and/or chlorine. If you must use tap water you should first boil then cool that water before making the saline solution. Using a salt without iodine is a good idea also to keep the possibilities of extra inflammation and irritation down to a minimum.
  • If just one side of your nose is clogged, lay on the opposite side of your body and the inflammation will start to go down.
  • Use menthol and eucalyptus bath salt in a sink or bowl of steaming hot water. Put a towel over your head and around the sink/bowl edge. Breathe in until the temperature drops. Just like a sauna for your head!
  • Chew on a strong mint or gum as the mint can clear your sinuses to make it easier for you to breathe and can clear most of the inflammation up.
  • Get a pillow that allows you to comfortably sleep/rest and make sure it is soft/firm enough so that you are able to sleep with it.
  • Rubbing you nose really helps so you can easily blow it.
  • Relax because the stuffiness will go away. If it’s very irritating, then see what the chemist recommends.
  • Cough drops may be helpful in releasing the mucus in your nose. It’s best to use one with menthol or eucalyptus.
  • By using nasal spray, you can severely reduce how blocked your nasal cavities are.
  • Add menthol crystals to boiling water and inhale. Be careful, it’s very strong. Alternatively, leave the bowl nearby.
  • Rub coconut oil underneath your irritated nose, it will moisturize dry skin and irritation from blowing your nose as well as being a disinfectant/antimicrobial.
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