Easy Home Decor Ideas that Make Your House Awesome

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Get rid of things that are taking up a lot of space and serve no purpose. You want to start off by organizing and tidying up your place so that there is plenty of space available for the new decor you’re going to put in your home.

Don’t get sets

Instead of getting sets or matching things you should get things that are different from one another. This will add individuality to your decor and everything will stand out. For example if your living room allows for two sofa sets then get two sets of different patterns so that they both have their own outlook and it doesn’t seem like you got one whole set of sofas. The sets that are available in stores don’t represent your style because it’s not something that you put together. If you make yourself put together your sets then it brings a better feel for your home and makes it more individualized to you. To you it will represent your style, bring in the look that you love and it will be something that reflects your personal taste.


There are certain home good stores that a lot of people go to and your homes can tend to look alike if you don’t think it through when you’re setting up your home. You should explore different stores to buy furniture and decorations so that your home decor looks unique.


One way to differentiate your home from others is to use chairs instead of sofas. There are a lot of options in chairs that you can choose from. They come in different patterns, sizes, shapes and colors. There’s a lot you can do with chairs. For example place two chairs in front of a fireplace to create a conversation area.

Decorate with throw pillows

When you’re at a store looking at beautiful throw pillows then you probably wonder how to group them together to give them that unique look. When you purchase pillows remember to get different pillows that have something in common. For example you can get pillows that differ in their style or pattern but have the same color. This way every pillow will stand out.

Area rugs

Area rugs make a grand statement and give room a polished look. Depending on the size of your room the right sized rug will ideally cover most of your floor and leave 8 – 16 inches of hardwood showing around the perimeter. If you want to create the illusion of a larger space then place all of your furniture on the rug and create a pulled together look.


Carpets add warm and welcoming feel to a room. If you don’t like the floors in your home then redoing them will cost you a fortune so instead you can add carpets. There is a wide range of carpets available online. From handmade carpets to Indian carpets the choices are vast.

Personalize your home

Looking at personalized things after a long day like pillows and cups with family pictures can instantly put you in a better mood. This is a great way to incorporate your feelings and thoughts in your home. You can also decorate with souvenirs from different places that will bring back memories of beautiful days.

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Less is more

Just because you have space available in your home doesn’t mean that every inch of it needs to be piled up with decorations and paintings. Always remember to take a step back because a few elegant things can add a lot more grace than a pile of average looking things. You should always give priority to quality over quantity.

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