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Treating yourself to a nice hot shower after a long day spent at work, battling the wintry elements or commuting can, undoubtedly, lift your spirits. Washing away all the stress of the day to prepare you for an evening spent relaxing, eating or spending time with loved ones can make you feel refreshed and calm. Many of us look to mainstream hair product brands time and again for a number of reasons, which can include for their high-quality finish, because we don’t want to try something new or because we buy them out of force of habit.
Yet, many contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to your skin and body and are extremely harmful to the environment when produced and manufactured. There are many organic and natural alternatives that don’t use synthetic colours and fragrances, or parabens and sulphates to get that same professional finish as many of the most popular brands in the high-street. In a world where we’re becoming ever more conscious of the effect that our actions have on our bodies and the environment, organic products are coming to the forefront, standing for much more sustainable and beneficial beauty. Here are some fantastic organic hair products that we at Mary Jane Fashion suggest would be well worth adding to your collection of shampoos, conditioners and hair colourants.

Shampoo – [A’kin]
Australian natural beauty company [A’kin] was established by The Purist Company and has at its heart a mission to provide skincare, beauty and haircare products that contain natural, organic ingredients. With over 15 years of experience, they are a firmly established company with a leading reputation, determined to change our beauty practices and standards. Their Lemongrass shampoo uses 6 natural cleanses, including mandarins, juniper, geraniums as well as the eponymous lemongrass extracts to moderate the scalp’s sebum levels to regulate oily to normal scalps. Free from parabens and sulphates, the shampoo will leave your hair noticeably refreshed and cleansed.  

Conditioner – Fushi
Fushi is a UK based health and wellbeing company who make it their aim to produce high-quality health products for amazing value and with the best possible service. Rapidly expanding, they have produced a selection of hair products that contain a range of natural ingredients and herbal recipes to create high impact hair style without damaging you or the environment. Their conditioner contains luscious extracts of hazel, bergamot, peppermint, lemon, lime and sandalwood which, combined, help to nourish and repair your hair, providing volume and leaving a fresh and fruity aroma that is totally natural.

Hair Colourant – Logona
It’s always fun to change your hair colour, enhance your natural tones or cover up any previous colourant mistakes but so many dyes and colouring foams use harmful ammonia, bleaches and other chemical nasties that can be very aggressive to your scalp. Logona use 100% natural ingredients in their semi and permanent colourants that produce exactly the same results but completely naturally. Wheat proteins and jojoba oil are substituted for peroxide, PPD and ammonia, using the natural power of plants and herbs to give your head a colour makeover.

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