Planning a Wedding? Don’t Do It Without A Wedding Planner

We all know wedding planning can be tough and stressful. In fact, so many people spend time worrying about the big day that they forget this is actually meant to be a time of fun and celebration! If you have recently gotten engaged, first off congratulations! Secondly, good luck with the planning stages!


I’m a big believer in getting a wedding planner to help you out with the organisation. Here are all the top reasons why wedding planners will save you time, effort and money when you start planning.


Get rid of stress

Every bride and groom complains about the stress of organising their big day. There is so much to think about and so much to get ready in order to make sure your guests have the best time. Plus, you are guaranteed to have friends and family chipping in with all their little suggestions. Don’t run around trying to do it all yourself. Wouldn’t it be great for someone to take yours and your partner’s ideas and turn them into something beautiful? Wedding planners will take care of everything for you so you can sit back and relax.


Save loads of time

Wedding planning takes so much time out of your schedule. Picture it now. You have to phone around all the venues you want to view, look for the best invitations, find a caterer and so much more. For most people the engagement period usually lasts only one or two years. It is a great time in your relationship and you want to be able to appreciate it. When else will you be able to call your partner your fiance? Employing a wedding planner means that you will be able to spend more time as a couple and less time running around like a headless chicken.



Slash costs

If you find a good wedding planner, they will have done all this before. That means they are likely to have good relationships with wedding vendors. Therefore, they will be able to get you great deals on a lot of the things you need to host a wedding. If you went at it alone, you wouldn’t be able to get these prices yourself. On top of all this, if you give your wedding planner a budget, they will know an abundance of tricks to stick to your price. And they might also be able to help you reduce the cost of your wedding by suggesting different ideas.

They can offer great advice

Chances are your wedding planner will have done this a million times before. They will have organised great parties for so many people and because of that they will have lots of great ideas. They will be able to turn your vision into something realistic and suggest things you may not even have thought about.


They will take care of problems


Whenever you organise a big event, things are likely to go wrong at some point. As the bride or groom you don’t want to have to deal with this yourself on your big day. A wedding planner will be ready for these little hiccups and be able to take care of it all for you.

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