DIY: More Christmas Handicraft For Kids

This year I didn’t decorate the house with a lot of Christmas decor, but we had the time to do some easy handicraft and enrich our decoration with our creations.

You have already gotten some inspiration on Christmas handicraft for kids. Are you ready to see our little attempts on Christmas craft?

The bottle caps we collect for recycling were used to make Christmas trees.
Going to weddings doesn’t only inspire me to write wedding posts, but to make DIY projects as well.
As soon as I saw these bombonieres, in my mind they were christmas trees!
Using gold and green carton was used to create other easy handicraft.

Yes, I found the hangers I mentioned in my alternative Christmas trees post, but I wasn’t able to do much with them. Actually, I wouldn’t recommend doing a project with hangers together with kids unless you have a lot of patience!



For the pine cone with the pon pon I didn’t provide any help.


Last but not least I asked my niece V if I could present two of her creations for the new year ahead.
That’s all from our creations until now!

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