Lipstick Giveaway Winner

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed the day.
The BornPrettyStore Lipstick Giveaway has ended and it’s time to find out who is the winner!

All you had to do was to leave a comment under the giveaway’s post. There were 24 comments for this little gift and the lucky lady is…

…Ivana Jeknić!
I will contact you right away and send the gift as soon as possible.
In the meanwhile, I have to let you know about two other giveaways which have ended and you haven’t seen any results yet.
First of all, maybe you had noticed I had a break from giveaways for a few months. The main reason was that it is a stressful process. If there is a sponsor, I need to make sure they’ll send the gift to the winner and if it is me who sends the gift, I have to ensure the gift reaches its destination.
So, after this break I had two giveaways sponsored by Glamulet and one by evianspray which were common with other blogs. They’re both great companies and they offered beautiful gifts. 
If you are wondering why the winners haven’t been announced, the answer is that the sponsors haven’t selected them yet!
I hope after Christmas holidays they have the results.
Personally, I didn’t ask for any likes, etc for my blog (the companies used their own giveaway forms to promote their sites on blogs) and I even paid to promote one of these giveaways, so except for a few extra visits I had no gain and it wasn’t my intention to deceive you.
Stay updated for a new giveaway with no sponsors! 

Update: Glamulet chose the winners on Jan 5

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