Some habits we frequently engage in have harmful effects on the skin. We unknowingly continue to do these practices. The more we indulge in them, the more the harmful effects the skin suffers.  Self-medication for example and using products with advice from friends can both have detrimental effects on the skin.
The dangers include ruin appearances and major skin issues and problems. It is vital to care for the skin and have tips advising on what behavior and habits to avoid.  There are some tips that experts advise their patients to use. Visiting the dermatologist more regularly is essential. It ensures you get the tips and assistance you need for a beautiful, good looking and healthy skin.

Buying Over the Counter Drugs
Sometimes, people use over the counter drugs without knowledge of how they work. All medicines should be bought after consultation with the doctor.  The medicines we purchase over the counter for use have harmful effects on the skin.  Dermatologists advise people against such behavior. Apparently, all people have different types and texture of skin. What is helpful and works for an individual should not necessarily work for you. For this reason, it is vital to avoid the advice from friends on self-medication. Above all, self-medication is wrong and should not be an option for you. See your doctor first to avoid cases of damages on the skin resulting from the wrong use of drugs.
Taking long and hot showers
The habit strips the lipids or the oils from the skin. The oils are essential for skin protection.  The use of long and hot showers breaks the barrier that helps in skin moisturizing.  The reduction in the amounts of the lipids from the skin leads to skin itchiness and dryness. This occurs as a result of water evaporation from the skin.  Avoid the habit by using cold water or a Luke warm. If the water is warm, take less than 15 minutes in the bathroom.  It is essential to clean or wash the face and hands with cold water.  
Forgoing the sunscreen
Sometimes, most forget to use the sunscreen, especially in the winter. The skin suffers damage even under the smaller exposure to the sun. The UV rays are also present in the air or atmosphere all the time.  It is essential to use the best sunscreen.  You can talk to a specialist, for example, a dermatologist to determine and know what sunscreen will be good for you. Protection of the skin reduces chances of dryness, flakiness, and itchiness.  It is essential to consult and speak to the specialist.
Using an Aggressive Facial Peel
Some facial peels are damaging to the skin. They have products that are irritants. This makes your skin too sensitive to beauty products.  It is essential to make a good choice of creams to reduce and get rid of puffiness and under eye bag. Use of quality and safe products is, however, a consideration you need to make. Talk to the specialists on the correct creams and products.
Using Deodorant Soaps
Some cleansers are still harmful to the skin. Though cleansing is essential for the skin, some products, for example, deodorants are harmful to the skin.  It damages the skin lipid layers. This is harmful as it allows the evaporation of water or moisture from the skin. Worse still, the deodorant can get into the skin and cause irritation. Apart from causing irritation, the deodorant also causes inflammatory effects in the skin. Shampoo may also cause irritation to your skin. For this reason, proper rinsing of the skin after use is very essential. Failure to properly raise the areas touched by the shampoo, the skin may suffer itchiness and irritation. In worse cases, you may suffer pain.  Cleansers that are water or alcohol based are harmful to the skin as it causes irritation itchiness and also skin dryness.  These products may also worsen the puffiness and under eye bag.
Waxing the Face
Some women frequently do it to remove excessive hair in the face area.  Regular use of the habit causes more harm to the skin. They increase the probability of appearance of premature wrinkles on the skin.  The use of the method is a blunder and is replaceable with safer methods.  Bleaching is a better method.  The waxing practice also causes scars that are hard to deal with later. Use the best sunscreen and healthy skin care procedures and products.

Skin Care Routine to Try This Winter

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Notably, some practice can damage the skin a lot. Practice safe habits to avoid issues with the skin. Avoid the named habits to ensure essential skin care.
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