When your deodorant is not working, check yourself!

There is the common saying that, ‘whatever goes in must come out’. This is so true about life and body odor. Have you ever just met that one person in your life who is quite an enigma because no matter what they do, they cannot just stop stinking? They have tried everything, from the most heavily laced deodorants to showering more than three times a day, whatever trick in the book just to experience a moment when they can smell themselves and discover a fresh scent.

If all the tricks in the book are not working then you need to check your diet. What you eat defines how you smell and this is a proven fact. One way of dealing with bad body odor is to carefully analyze your eating habits and discover the foods contributing to the stinky situation that is giving you sleepless nights and making people around you run very fast when they spot you around the corner.
It does not matter if you have acquired yourself the best deodorant for women brand. If you are not going to check your health and be concerned about what you eat then you will not only be inviting a life threatening disease but you will also continue to experience bad, nasty, foul body odor.
Why do you smell so bad?
The emission of body odor is basically a result of the fermentation process that is going on in your body as a result of eating refined foods and animal products. Yes, that piece of fried, roasted meat that you enjoy every other day could be the very reason that you are experiencing bad body odor.
What do you need to do?
One of the ways that you can start to deal with the bad body odor situation is have diet supplements of parsley and cilantro. These are two powerful ingredients that are essential for cleaning the toxins in your blood. You also now need to start embracing clean protein foods. Do away with all the lusting after meat dishes every other day and opt for Brown rice protein that is clean and also good for your metabolism.
When you wake up in the morning, embrace a habit of drinking at least 500ml of hot water then start your day with a rich green smoothie made from raw foods, such as kale, cucumbers and celery. This is a good way to clean out your system from any explosive kind of fermentation process going on within your metabolic process as a result of an unbalanced diet.
As sad as it may sound you may also need to do away with dairy products, cheese and milk. Yes, they are ‘branded’ as healthy but also could be the very reason why you smell like a packet of stale milk. These are all hard decisions that you will need to make to ensure you live a healthy lifestyle and get rid of that awful body odor.

By Sujain Thomas

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