How to remove LinkWithin from blog

I can’t believe I am going to give tips on how to correct something on your blog’s html code, but I had this issue for so long and no advice available on the internet helped me, so I had to find it on my own.

Some time long ago ‘LinkWithin’ was installed on my blog. It is supposed to suggest related posts under each blogpost. Instead of that, it shows random posts. 

For instance, you read a beauty post and it suggests a recipe post and a decoration post underneath!
In addition, if you delete a post, it still appears to the related posts. This is so irritating as it takes you to pages that don’t exist anymore!

So, I tried to visit the LinkWithin site and contact them again and again with no reply back.

Then, I started looking for answers online and I realised I wasn’t the only one with this problem.
I tried several things I found with the fear I was going to lose everything in the end.

Finally, I decided I would take the risk and experiment stuff on my own and it wasn’t anything so complicated afterall.

This is what I did and it finally worked. I am not responsible if you try it with no success!

Go to your blog’s dashboard and click Template, then Edit HTML.
I typed Ctrl+F to search for the word ‘linkwithin’ with no result. So, I searched inside the code in general.

what I removed

Then, I found this part of the code in the photo above and deleted it. (I wasn’t that lucky, my first attempts of removing words weren’t correct, but when I removed this whole part, it worked!)

Then, I clicked preview to make sure my blog still worked and then saved. That’s it!

I hope it works for you too!

P.S. These days I am sick that’s why I didn’t blog for days, but I can’t believe how much love you give to my previous posts and the visits these days were more than great! Thank you!
Was it the ‘LinkWithin’ gadget that helped? I guess I have to install it again. Only joking!!!

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