Tips on How to Safely Shop Online

Online shopping has grown in popularity all over the world. It has many advantages, including great bargains, fast shipping and a vast selection available. Online shopping is also very convenient because one can do their shopping from the comfort of their homes or office. Literally, one can shop from their bed. Delivery of your products is also usually prompt and conveniently done to your doorstep.

Every coin has two sides and the same can be said about online shopping. Even with all its advantages, there are quite a number of untrustworthy and manipulative individuals who take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to swindle you of your hard earned money. You must therefore be extremely careful when you purchase items online
Below are some useful tips on how to stay safe and ensure your money is safe during an online purchase
  1. Never reveal all your information on online platforms
The less a stranger online knows about you, the safer you are. Be wary of sites that ask too many personal and irrelevant questions. Never reveal identification numbers such as your social security number or pin numbers to your ATM. Irrelevant information such as birthday dates and surnames can also be used for crimes such as identity theft. Never tell all.
  1. Opt to shop at more familiar and well-known websites
Just as there are familiar and well-known brand stores, there are also trusted websites where you can safely secure a purchase for your items. It is important that you look for the website that best suits the purchase, for example, if your search is for books, kindle is a great choice. If your search is for something a bit more specific like jewelry, type in the key words for your purchase e.g. diamond pendant online. These key words will pick the most trusted sites on your search.
  1. Look out for the security socket layer
All genuine websites and online stores have the security socket layer encryption installed. Never purchase from websites that start with HTTP rather than HTTPS. There must also be an icon of a padlock that will appear. The position of this icon generally depends on the browser you are using. Con men and women have used this illusion of a genuine website to fool shoppers and steal money. It is important to be on the lookout for such tricks.
  1. Regularly check your statements
After you have identified a safe website to use for your online purchase, you may find that the purchase goes smoothly and your item is safely delivered to you. You may even check your statement and receipt and everything turns out to be fine. Don’t get too comfortable, some swindlers take time to earn your trust before they finally steal. Ensure that you check your online statement regularly. And follow up the checks with a call to your bank.
Shopping online has become a life saver for busy individuals. You avoid long checkout lines and the hustle and bustle of the market place. However, there are always people who are out to do harm. If you come across such websites, do not hesitate to report them to the relevant authorities.
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