Illuminate Your Hair With A Natural Daily Routine

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Beautiful, lustrous locks are a style staple. You don’t always need to rush to your hairstylist when you want luminous hair that turns heads, though.  By using the following tips, you can achieve stunning hair right at home. Here’s your daily fabulous hair routine so you can shine every day.

Feed Your Hair a Healthy Diet  


Your hair needs certain nutrients to get its shine on. These include:




You know that eating breakfast is essential for weight management and to prevent energy slumps throughout the day, but it’s also a great way to add vital nutrients to your diet that nourish your locks! Splash some yogurt onto your cereal or eat it straight out of the container. It contains probiotics that are essential for healthy, swishy hair. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help improve digestion and the absorption of nutrients. This helps vitamins get all around your body to where they’re needed, including to your hair.
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This mineral promotes healthy hair (and pimple-free skin!) so add it to your lunch-time snack in the form of oysters or sunflower seeds. Zinc produces new hair cells and helps to look after the glands in the scalp that keep hair hydrated and shiny with their natural oils.


Vitamin E


This nutrient and antioxidant helps to boost blood capillary growth, which means better circulation to your hair. Since it works to fight free radicals, Vitamin E also keeps your hair young and healthy, making it super shiny. Vitamin-E foods include spinach and nuts. Add them to your dinner time salads for a healthy and delicious treat.




Basically, since your hair is made of protein it also requires this nutrient through your diet. Add protein to your daily meals, such as in the form of fish, lean chicken and eggs. Eggs also contain biotin, an important B-vitamin your hair needs to prevent dryness and promote growth.

Use a Gloss-Boosting Hair Mask


Conditioner is to hair what the perfect shoes are to an outfit: they’re essential! But when choosing a conditioning hair mask, you might think you need a thick, heavy one to smooth and moisturize your hair. The truth is, this could weigh your hair down, making it look limp and dull.


A natural hair conditioner is easy to make, it conditions your hair and doesn’t contain chemicals that can harm your hair with daily use. There are a few you can make.
  • Add some honey to your daily conditioner so that your hair can be smoother and silkier.
  • For a more intensive treatment, mix together a ripe avocado with a tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave it on for about half an hour or less before rinsing it off.
  • A dab of coconut oil applied to the tips of your hair when you step out of the shower is a great way to moisturize your hair daily while preventing tangles. This keeps your hair soft and smooth, and therefore shiny.


Put Your Hair Straightener on Probation


Heat-styling your hair on a daily basis can lead to dry, dull locks. Switch to more natural hairstyles that are easy to maintain, make you look good and prevent your hair from getting damaged. There are so many easy-to-achieve styles that don’t make use of any heated tools. On days when you simply have to use a heated tool, make sure they’re of ceramic and ionic technology because these are gentler on your hair.  


Shine Like a Diamond… Literally!


Sometimes the rest of your appearance can help to increase the luminosity of your hair. A clever fashion tip is to match jewels in your jewellery and hair accessory choices to your hair. Earthy gemstone colors look spectacular on brunettes, while marine tones work to brighten up blondes. Red hair is stunning with pink, grey or purple gemstones. Bring out your hair’s inner glow with the right jewellery and you will be dazzling from head to toe.


By following these hair tips daily, your hair will look lit up from within. Best of all, they’re all natural for you, giving a skip to harsh chemicals that can make your hair lose its lustre.


Born and raised in Austin, TX, Hilary Smith is a free-lance journalist whose love of gadgets, finance and business has no bounds. After becoming a parent she now enjoys writing about family, home and personal finance related topics. @HilaryS33

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