5 Thoughtful Beauty Tips to Try This Summer

Summertime is all about heading to the beach and living easy, but this also means having to protect our skin against the season’s harsh sun that beams down on us. When heading to the pool or enjoying a day at the beach, remember to stay smart and protected for a great time in the sun.

We already know sunscreen is the ideal choice in protection when you’re out in the sun all day, but what about running errands, or going to the park? It is often easy to forget on a daily basis. With a few helpful ways to stay safe and keep your skin looking radiant this summer, here are the best 5 thoughtful beauty tips to try this summer to achieve sun-kissed, healthy skin.
  1. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate your skin for a clearer, smoother, and more youthful look. Pollution is extremely high during the hot season, so be sure to remove any dirt and grime from your face and body before washing your face. Exfoliation works by removing the dull, dead skin cells which helps to prevent any congestion and improve hydration applied from moisturizers and toners. Scrubs and soft brushes with gel and cream cleansers will help scrub away dead skin and clean out your pores.
Make exfoliation part of your daily skin care regime, especially in the mornings before you apply your moisturizer, toner, SPF, and makeup. Limit it to only twice a month and use a scrub that isn’t harsh on the skin to prevent any peels. Just be sure to consider adding a skin brightener and apply a hydrating body cream to help lock in moisture to freshly ex-foliated skin.
  1. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keep your body well-hydrated by upping your regimen with intensive masques at least one to two times a week. Toners are also great to include into your moisturizing prep to help even out the skin. Consume at least eight glasses of 8 ounces of plain water every single day to help maintain hydration and moisture inside the body and skin as well as aid in detoxification. Always triple the amount of water if you drink caffeinated beverages.
Seasonal summer foods such leafy greens, berries, and watermelon is also highly concentrated with water to help you stay hydrated.

  1. Apply Sun Protection Frequently

Applying sunscreen once isn’t just enough to protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Research shows that most people do not apply as much sun protection as they should. Be sure to apply at least 15 minutes before you leave the house and apply every two to three hours and stay out of the sun during midday. Thanks to today’s high technology and formulas, there are more options in sun screens that can work with your skin condition. This means you have choose matte formulas, oil-free, extra emollient products for dry skin, or chemical-free formulas for sensitive skin.
Using light, mist sprays will provide excellent coverage without the uncomfortable greasy feeling. This will leave you safely covered and protected.
  1. Soothe Skin

During the times you forget to apply sunscreen and moisturizer, perhaps the damage is already there but you don’t have to suffer. Use soothing cooling gels that can help prevent peeling and reduce inflammation and redness. Be sure to apply cooling gel generously on exposed damaged skin. This will be most effective during the first sight of a pinkish glow.
Sunburns that blister will double your risk of melanoma. At least , It is advisable by dermatologist to apply safe sunscreen to prevent from sunburn Health experts recommend having a yearly skin examination as well as self-examination at least every other month to help detect such early warning signs of malignant melanoma and carcinomas. Always be on the look-out for any changes in the skin or new growth.
  1. Treat and Repair Sun Damage

Aging is cause by UV light in the form of coarse skin, wrinkles, and brown spots – with or without burned skin. When sunlight comes into contact with results of damage that causes inflammation, the production of reactive molecules can affect healthy growth in cells and stimulate collagen destructing enzymes.
Warm summer days require light clothing and less makeup. Using BB creams will boost an even skin tone while offering radiance and illuminate your face for a perfect glow. Keep all skin pigmentation disorders at bay by protecting your body. Although it is believed that only high-end brands will provide better, long-lasting results, it is the key ingredients that will do the same job. Your lifestyle choices and diet will determine what keeps your body healthy from inside and out.

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