It Is the Clothing That Makes the Man or Woman

Whether it is something a person wants to admit it or not, the way they dress has a strong influence on the way other people treat them. The way that a person dresses communicates a lot about them. For this reason, there is the popular saying, “to dress for success”. The idea behind this saying is that if a person dresses for the job they want, they are more likely to get it.

To be fair, the way a person dresses says little about their worth as a human being in the big stream of things. However, most people do not make judgments about others based on the big picture. They make judgments about others based on what they see right in front of them. For this reason, when a person comes well-dressed to an interview, an employer is going to want to learn more about that individual. It’s not fair, but part of the human condition is judging others on the way they look. Countless financial experts comment that this concept of judging a person by their clothing is especially powerful in the workplace.

Other people’s perception of you, whether you are successful, whether you can be trusted, whether you are a person in a position of authority, whether you are smart, or whether you are lazy, is often based on dress. Other people’s perception of you becomes reality. This means that if everyone in the workplace perceives you as a lazy person, even though you are a hard worker, that perception is what will define you. The same thing is true on the other side of the coin. A person could be a horrible worker. But because of how they dress and because of how they carry themselves, they are perceived as being diligent. That perception becomes reality, and the lazy individual is the one who gets their promotions and the pay raises as opposed to the truly diligent individual.

Of course, clothing is not the sole measure that people use to make determinations about a person. Research clearly shows that a person’s appearance when combined with their ability to communicate, affects the way that others interact with them.

In addition to purchasing nice clothing, it is important to purchase clothing that is right for you and for the setting that you work in. In most business environments, it is good to avoid clothing that shows too much skin. Dirty clothing should never be worn. And tailored clothing is preferred to off the rack clothing. Clothing that is accented with tasteful accessories creates a better impression.

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