Is It Fate Or… ?

There are times in life that make you wonder whether there was a reason for what happened. You went to a certain place at a certain time, you met someone you had no idea was going to become a big part of your life, you said something that brought unexpected consequences, you avoided saying words that would have an impact on a relationship. So many facts that wouldn’t  have been reality if things had taken another path.

And then the question that dominates your thoughts ‘What if?’

What if I got stuck at the bad first impression of somebody and had lost the chance to get to know them better?
Even great loves can start after a wrong beginning.

What if I had left that job the first time I got mad with my boss? Back then I couldn’t even imagine I would stay there for years.
And if I had quit earlier I might not have met one of my best friends.

What if I hadn’t decided to take that course? Would I have met him somewhere else or would we stay strangers forever?

What if I hadn’t made that conversation? Probably I wouldn’t have told the truth and wouldn’t have lost a friend. But who needs a fake friend?

And what if I hadn’t forgiven a silly mistake and had given an end to a friendship that has survived in time?

What if I had never been introduced to that neighbour whose existence I ignored for twenty years? I wouldn’t have met this friend who messages me to ask ‘What did the doctor say?’
But a silly coincidence can bring this person into your life.

What if I have trusted the wrong person on this important matter that can affect somebody else’s life?

What if I hadn’t made a stupid remark? I wouldn’t have been corrected and learn the truth.

What if I hadn’t started this blog? I could still be aloof from the internet and spent more time on a hobby I have neglected or I would have missed the opportunity to be taught so many things I could only read in an encyclopedia.

Don’t you ever wonder if you made the right choices and what your present would feel like if you, your actions, your thoughts, your luck had been different?
Maybe you like to imagine different versions of your life if things had been different. Do you think there are other ‘you’ in parellel universes?
I guess I am influenced by 11.22.63 that I have recently watched.

Another question that may be tormenting your mind is ‘Why’?

Why me?
God, why?
Why not me?
Why is this happening?
Why did this occur now?

Don’t you agree there are multiple scenarios where such a small word has to face unanswerable rhetorical questions?

Was I chosen to encounter this difficulty because through this I would find the meaning of my life?

Was it written in my life lines to experience this problem because I have the strength to overcome it?

Is it fate or coincidence?
Can we sabotage what is meant to be?

Do we control our lives or is fate inevitable?

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