Basic Guide for a Family Summer Vacation on a Budget

As the family grows bigger, the costs of a summer vacation get higher and more difficult to fit into a budget of a regular family. No matter the place you’re heading to, there’s always a way to lower the costs and put away some money for other activities. We’ll reveal the coolest hacks right here for you.

The first and the last month

Long before the summer’s official start, the early bird offers are swarming the internet, and most of the deals are extra sweet. The prices on the market are commonly formed according to the rules of supply and demand, and the majority of people travel at the peak of the season, when kids are on a summer break. This leaves other dates, mostly the first and the last month, as the best time to revel in the sun for a song.
Affordable “test drive”
It’s an unwritten rule of the globetrotters’ manual: book at the newly-opened luxury resort and benefit from their introductory discounts. Now, there’s a catch. This period doesn’t last long, only for about a few golden weeks. Set up an email alarm when something of this sort comes us in the catalogues and grab your 5 star experience at a half of the original price.
Get your own accommodation
For a 10-day long vacation with the children in the summer period, a great number of families prefer condos or beach houses. Getting cramped in a hotel room will not only be devastating to your wallet, it’s also far less comfortable and family-friendly (at least the ones for a price an average household can pay). All the better if you’re travelling with another family, you can get an even bigger place for less money.
Where to eat and how to pack
Some people would rather skip the cooking at a vacation, but fixing some simple meals in the in-house kitchen could spare you a good deal of cash. The local seasonal fruit and veggies are often cheap and can be made into great, healthy salads and meals.
When packing is concerned, you need to remember the following: the lighter your luggage, the less you’ll pay for the fees (airplane trips). Also, it comes in handy when your bags are not weighing a ton when you need to shove them in the boot of your car. If you’re seeking to get a new set of bags, reasonably priced and top quality ones, Florence Broadhurst luggage is a true marriage of both.
Schedule the vacation around restaurant week
Have you heard of the restaurant week? I’ve only heard about it recently when I was researching about the Australian wine tours, and the idea is too good to pass on. If you’re not too keen on cooking or you’d rather evade doing such chores on a vacation, the restaurant week is a true blessing. The affordable fixed price menu is frequently available for lunches and dinners, and a terrific cause for a family outing.
The best time to fuel up
As it is the case with many aspects of vacation planning, it’s all about the optimal timing when getting your tank full for cheap is the goal. The prices of gas can fluctuate considerably even during a week, and that’s why we recommend you store some in advance for your vacation. Some apps also offer a forecast of the price change and a selection of the least expensive gas stations.
Low-cost flights
Finally, you probably know that getting the airplane tickets in off season gets you the most surreal rates. On top of this, when you’re booking several seats at once, you get the minimal price due to group tickets.


The summer vacation you worked hard for doesn’t have to be a nightmare for your bank account. Employ some of these hacks to get the best of holiday deals.

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his personal styling business.

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