How to Pull Off Ethnic Outfits with Elegance

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you have got that, the rest really comes from it” – Diana Vreeland

They say the beauty of the woman is best reflected in the way she carries herself and her outfit. Nothing is entirely in the clothes. Elegance is a perfect balance of a classy outfit and personal style fused into one.

Very often people wear traditional outfits but they lack the elegance with which they should be carried. It is not easy to pull off ethnic outfits just like that. But worry not! We are here to offer you a solution. And the solution lies in various tips and tricks that will make you walk like a pro in desi ethnic avatar. Here, take cues –

  • Carry a dupatta:

Not many would have thought about it but dupatta does the whole ethnic look makeover. It is that one accessory that will complete any traditional outfit. It is like icing on the cake.

You can’t expect to look traditional without the grace that dupatta lends. So whether you wear a kurti or suit set, always wear a dupatta. The best style is to carry it sideways or make a loop of it through the back and let it rest on the arms on one side. Dupatta makes a fine arm candy.



  • Pair with a palazzo

Palazzo is the new classy. You will look traditional but it helps exude strong vibes. Any woman looks lovely in the palazzo, the reason being it complements ever body type. In fact, if you are curvy, it would flatter your body perfectly hiding any flaws.

Pair an ethnic outfit with a palazzo to make a difference. The results will be evident. You will be a complete head turner.


  • Accessorize with a bindi

You know what a bindi can do. It can turn the look 360 degrees, off course towards the better side. Bindi is a small spot that has garnered a lot of attention globally.

Bindi is very traditional and classy. It wills oomph up the whole ethnic look by adding a touch of tradition and ethnicity to it. You know you look graceful and elegant immediately. Bindi will adorn every face cut no matter what.


Source: caleidoscope

  • Classy shoes

If you want to channel the right elegance into your traditional outfit, you need it to be paired with classy shoes. To rightly pair your traditional outfit, buy ethnic jootis or elegant Punjabi mojris.

Shoes which complement your dress are the perfect pick. Just remember that if you need your look to be elegant and classy then go for gorgeously embroidered jootis with proper placement of embellishments.

The handcrafted jootis are the most comfortable and hold our tradition so well. Kohlapuri flats are also known for their earthy good colors and the versatility to look good with any traditional outfit. They should be your go-to footwear to rock the traditional outfit while keeping the elegance quotient high.

Next time, off you go for a traditional outfit, must keep in mind the above-listed factors to get the most out of your ethnic look. The last thing to carry is your confidence. It is something that will brighten up your day so that you can rock the traditional avatar even better.


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    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά, κούκλα μου! Καλό μεσημεράκι!

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