DIY: Easy Summer Dessert Recipe to Make With Your Kids

Even if you are not keen on cooking and creating fanciful pastries, I have this easy summer dessert recipe to share with you. It’s so fast and non messy that it can be a fun activity with your kids. As it doesn’t require any contact with the oven, your kids can make it on their own and leave you in peace for a while.


a packet of biscuits

2 sachets of pudding filling (any flavour)

700 ml milk


a bowl, a whisk, an oven dish (you can also use an aluminium container)


Pour 350 ml of milk in a bowl.

Soak each biscuit in the milk (optional) and place them in the oven dish.

Add the content of the first sachet to the milk and stir the mixture with the whisk for 2 minutes.

Pour the mixture over the biscuits.


Put another layer of biscuits.

Repeat the process of creating the mixture with the milk and the pudding filling (The 2 sachets can be of different flavour)

Pour the mixture over the second layer of biscuits.

You can stop there and put your dessert in the fridge or you can go on adding layers of biscuits and pudding mixture.

It’s so fast to make that is a life-saver in case of unexpected visitors or play dates.

Will you try it?

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  1. That looks lovely, I am sure it tastes good, too! I love desserts made with biscuits! You have just inspired me to prepare something sweet now 🙂

  2. Σταθερά αγαπημένη δροσιστική πρόταση!!!
    ‘Γεια στα χεράκια σου, κούκλα μου!
    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά-πολλά!

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