5 tips to cool off in the summer heat

Everyone is excited for summer, but when the hot months are finally here it can become troublesome to bear the heat during the day. While staying indoors when the sun is at its peak is recommended, there are some small tricks that can keep you cool even if you have to go outside.

Cold water spray

You can make this skin-beneficial spray on your own or buy compressed sprays of thermal water or rose water in the shops. If you want to make the simplest one, mix water and glycerin and put it in a spray bottle. Whatever you decide to do, the final and most important step is to keep this spray in the fridge. When you go out, you can refresh and cool your face and even other parts of your body by simply spraying this cool mist all over. And don’t worry, this won’t ruin your makeup. Actually, it’ll only make it look better when it’s so hot.

Drink a lot of water

The summer heat can cause dehydration, which is not only dangerous for your health but makes you feel like the sun rays are trapping you down. Therefore, drink plenty of water all the time – do not wait to feel thirsty. When you go out, it is a must to bring bottled water with you, and if you let it cool in the fridge beforehand, even better! Your body will be happy, you won’t feel the heat as strongly as if you were dehydrated and your skin will look plump and smooth.


Use after sun lotions

In order to feel the cooling and refreshing sensation all over your body even when the heat is unbearable, replace your regular body lotions with the cooling after sun lotions. As you can guess, these lotions have cooling effect that also soothes and calms the skin. Still, these usually don’t have SPF so some light and loose clothing, that will cover you nicely, as well as a wide-brim hat are necessary for sun protection.

Bring wind to you

Most summer days can become really bothersome since most of the time there isn’t a breath of wind to cool you down at least a little. Therefore, forget about walking under the sun. Hopping on a hovering Skywalker board can take you wherever you want to go. You will save energy, everyone will notice you and the wind will make the annoying heat disappear. Hoverboards are great means of transportation during the summer, because they will not exhaust you (like bicycle for example), you’ll be able to breathe fresh air opposed to being in a car or bus, and the heat won’t get you as it would if you were walking.


Stylish accessory

Take a fan with you when you have to go outside. There are many styles of fans and Chinese ones are said to have the most beautiful designs and patterns. These little helpers will keep you cool even when it’s unbelievably hot while the look of the fan itself can become a great addition to your fashionable summer outfit.

In order to avoid heat exhaustion, it would definitely be best to stay indoors between 10 am and 3 pm. Still, if you absolutely have to go out, try some of the abovementioned tricks and make sure to find some rest stops where there’s air conditioning.

Emma Lawson is a online article editor. In her spare time, he likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding health and beauty skin care products. She also strives to suggest innovative remedies that can help you to lead a quality and healthy life.
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