The Best Teeth Whitening Products for 2016

Did you know that whiter teeth not only improve your appearance but may improve your credibility as well? According to a study in 2007, following simulated job interviews sixty-five percent of interviewees with whiter teeth appeared more professional and sixty-one percent appeared more confident. Those with whiter teeth also appeared to be more outgoing on simulated first dates. While this study focused on important events such as job interviews and dates, but the confidence that comes from a bright smile is even more necessary for key life events like weddings.

Our teeth take a daily beating. As adults, we expose our teeth to different types of food, coffee, wine, cigarettes and more. Over time, these items form a layer on the teeth over the enamel, which darkens the natural white color of teeth. The stains that form are difficult to remove once they mix with the enamel layer, and often a whitening toothpaste won’t do the trick. The great news is, what was once a luxury in dentists offices is now available to use at home. A daily beauty routine isn’t complete without proper tooth care, and with the tons of at-home teeth whitening products out there, teeth whitening can become a part of your daily routine, just like skin care!

In order to determine which at-home teeth whitening products are all talk,’s team created a guide to teeth whitening products They started with 86 contenders and narrowed it down to 5 top picks for safe, effective, and easy-to-use teeth whiteners. One of their top picks is the Go Smile Double Action 6-Day Whitening Kit. This product only takes six days, while some products need around fourteen. The system is intense but contains safe levels of whitening agents, and the testers found that their teeth whitened three shades. Whitening products often require the use of messy and uncomfortable trays, but this product allows the user to apply a gel directly to the tooth that whitens during the day, and it also limits tooth sensitivity.


Another whitening product that is good for sensitive teeth is the Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine. These white strips work from the inside and out, and the user only needs to wear them for five minutes a day. They have a lower hydrogen peroxide concentration, limiting sensitivity, and the strips are easy to apply and stay put. As opposed to Go Smile Double Action, however, this product takes 28 days to work, which means this system will be best for those that plan ahead!

Whitening products work to penetrate where non-bleaching products won’t, however there are some potential problems with whitening products. People who have many fillings, crowns, or stains will have a harder time whitening than those who don’t, and older teeth won’t whiten as easily as those that are younger. The original color of your teeth can also make a difference, as yellow teeth whiten better than gray teeth.

Our teeth have a layer of protective enamel. Once this wears off, it not only fades the color but makes our teeth sensitive. Some patients, especially children, have sensitive teeth from a history of fillings or tooth fractures as well. Dentist offices provide services such as fluoride or root canals to counteract this sensitivity, and there are also types of toothpaste that help with sensitive teeth, but it’s important to note that overdoing it with whitening products can make sensitivity worse. Make sure that you’re not pressing yourself for time when whitening your teeth. If you have a big event such as a wedding approaching, make sure you allow enough time for your product to work, as using more than recommended will only add to tooth sensitivity. Remember that if a whitening product is too painful, it’s okay to step away for a while!

Whatever your needs, there is a whitening system that’s right for you. It’s so easy to do at home that it can be a part of your daily makeup routine, and whiter teeth provide that perfect confidence boost for your next big event!


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