6 Ways You Can Use Bottles to Decorate Your Home

Opening a new bottle of wine or whisky is undoubtedly thrilling experience but little did you know that you can recycle the bottle after using the contents within it.

You can use a glass bottle in several different ways such as for lighting solutions or in form of accessories.

Normally people decorate their homes with luxury items like Persian rugs or tiffany lamps. But in this post, my main focus would be on decorating your homes with bottles.

Although glass bottles can be used in various ways including upcycling, they are also great home decoration tools. Here’s how you can use bottles to spruce up your home décor:



  • Turn Them Into Hanging Lights


How about turning your used bottles into accent hanging lights that will preferably look best at a kitchen or breakfast table? All you have to do is to get a handful of used wine or beer bottles all of the same shape and size and place a small light bulb into each one of them.

With this done, you can now comfortably suspend them freely on a chosen ceiling such as a kitchen ceiling.


  • Place It As an Outdoor Light


You can also recycle used wine bottles by turning them into outdoor lights. These lights when placed on walls in an outside deck or patio will add charm and creativity to that space.

What you have to do is to get an empty bottle and place a candle or better still a fuel-based light in it. The resulting glow will emit a relaxing atmosphere around.


  • Make a Stained Glass Panel


You have to upcycle used wine bottles in order to create a stained glass panel. A custom glass panel can be created by selecting different bottle sizes, along with distinct patterns and colors and then carefully cutting off the bottom panel from those bottles.

After that, you can then arrange the bottoms in a creative pattern and use it as a wall hanging. Not only will it look attractive, but it will also add charm and value to the wall.


  • Bottle Vases Wrapped in Yarn


This décor style will work best for crochet knitting lovers. This is because you’ll want to get creative with lots of empty wine bottles around. You can use different colors of yarn to wrap bottles with the aid of glue. Always remember to start wrapping the yarn from the bottom of the bottle.

Furthermore, to add more décor to the yarn-wrapped bottle, you can paint it or add glitter to it.


  • Wine Bottle Supported Shelves


Are you aware that with just a few supplies including glass bottles, varnish and scrap wood as major elements you can create a DIY shelf!

However, you should be careful in your selection of bottles and choose only sturdy and strong ones that will be able to support the wooden panels.

Alternatively, you could add stones and pebbles to fill up the empty bottles and make them sturdy and able to support the wooden frames.


  • Wine Bottle Lamps


This is a simple yet undeniably attractive decoration idea. All you have to do is to cut the bottom of the empty wine bottles and pop them on top of tea light candles.

To make the look even more appealing, you can group the bottles together so as to make them appear as a center piece.


In conclusion, there is so much more that you can make with empty bottles. Although we have specifically talked about wine bottles, other types of bottles can also be used too.

Additionally, you should also embed other elements such as feng shui when deciding to decorate your home.

Author Bio:

This post was written by Sadia Suhail. She is a content marketer at ALRUG.com which is an online ecommerce store that sells rugs.


  1. I love bottles, I loved the ones as lamps, and outdoors, or with candles… there are so many possibilities, I like creativity! By the way, I am correcting a Bloglovin mistake – I don’t know why, it deleted all the blogs I followed, but now I am following yours, in case Bloglovin has deleted it from my list (I don’t remember, maybe you inserted it now, but alas, I am following anyway) 🙂 Hope you have a very nice week!

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