Solar System DIY Kit Review

If your kids are interested in learning about our solar system, then this educational solar system modelling toy is a great gift for them.

Easy for kids over 3, but you may need to help them put the planets’ pieces together before they start painting them.planets-diy


We looked on the internet to check the real colours. What I forgot before painting them was to use the little piece of sandpaper to scrub the planets and make their surface less glossy. Skipping this step made the paint more difficult to stay on.




When we finished I noticed that Pluto was missing. I thought it was a manufacturing error, but then I learnt that it is a ‘dwarf’ planet, so it isn’t a real planet.


It was nice spending some time on this DIY project. The price is very good. As for the quality, we almost broke one of the planets’ plastic supports on the first day, but I can’t really complain; kids break toys every day.

To purchase yours or see more details about it you can go here.



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