Popular ’80s Trends That Are Back This Season

Have you noticed the 90’s coming back to the fashion scene lately?  Well, surprise, surprise! While everybody has been busy looking up all the hippest and hoppest of the 90’s, the hottest 80’s trends  slowly crept back in — and because all eyes were on the 90’s, very few people followed the trend.  It’s only now that worldwide fashion is beginning to catch up.

Top 7 80’s best that are back with a vengeance

Is it possible that the most fashionable faces will be wearing those eyesore shoulder pads and those kinky hair style trends anytime soon?  Find out with this Top 7 list of the 80’s trends that are making a huge and reverberating return to the fashion trends once again:

  1.  Leather jackets and denim jackets.  It’s hard to imagine a decade that comes after the 80’s that did not embrace these two fashion items.  Since the 80’s, nail art ideas have kept changing with the seasons but these two have become more of a staple rather than a trend.
  1.  One-off shoulder. Can you feel the heatwave created by Jane Fonda’s aerobics videos back in the 80’s now?  This one-off shoulder trend is so characteristically 80’s and suitably made for those before and after aerobic classes that it’ll simply feel like wanting to kick your legs up in the air and start getting physical!  Wear these with these season’s hottest denim trends or, you can always use it with your leggings.  Why not put on those leg warmers too as these can be cozy for this season’s cold weather anyways?
  1.  Constructed dresses. Yeah, yeah.  The 80’s have earned a reputation for being notoriously painful to the eyes, and the worst of them all — big, bold shoulder pads — OMG!  Hold on, before you start screaming, the shoulder pads yes we’ve seen a couple of times but, their journey to a comeback is far from done.  So, breathe, Woman!  It’s not the shoulder pads that are coming back, it’s the constructed dresses.  Watch those stiff lines on the shoulders.  Even this Fall’s usual winter coats and trench coats have been worn off the shoulders at Balenciaga runways to resemble this constructed shoulder look.
  1.  Animal prints. These prints have not-so-long ago appeared on runways and fashion racks.  In just about two years, they’re back once again!  Get your cuts in 80’s style as well — constructed shoulders, bulky waists and hips or one-off shoulder — and, you’ll certainly start an 80’s trend in your fashion communities.  Give the look an update by pairing it with this season’s most glamorous hair style trends.
  1.  Power suits. Love them casual and even love them on the red carpet!  Power suits are no longer caged to office boredoms (sorry, boardrooms).  These days, you can walk the streets with your plunging neckline suit or even wear it to a fancy evening affair in place of your usual little black dress and still end up getting admired and recognized to be appropriately dressed.  Wear with minimal accessories.  Strike up creative nail art ideas too to update this 80’s fashion style.
  1.  Baggy pants.  These pairs are bulky and so unusually trendy, given the ever growing love of the fashion industry to show off every curve that can be possibly highlighted with a cut, a trim, a peek-a-boo or a fully contoured dress cut.  This season, you can relax those tight fitting jeans of yours and choose to settle for baggy pants.  Crop it by cutting the hems or, simply folding it up to update your 80’s style.
  1.  Belt bags. No less than Celine and Chanel led the return of the most unusual piece of fashion accessory to ever — ever — make a second showing on the runways!  Belt bags were a huge hit in the 80’s for some reason we, 90’s babies and millennials will never get to figure out.  Well, now, here’s your chance to try and experience these funny packs without having to look silly and straight off an 80’s magazine cover.


Wait until you see your friends and colleagues turn up with an 80’s piece of clothing recovered from their attics.  Then, you can pat yourself in the back.  Two thumbs up to you for a fashion job well done!

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  1. Baggy pants, oh my word. I will pass this trend, because otherwise I will look like a balloon 🙂 But some of the “trends” are nice. I mean, re-heating trends, because they are from the 80s. I don’t know what the fashion industry will “create” next! Wishing you a great day!

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