Black and White Outfit and MoonstoneMagic Jewelry

I have said it before, there is something about the moon that makes it irresistible and I keep looking for it in the sky.

So I was curious to discover what moonstone is and I found what I was looking for on which is a bohemian lifestyle jewelry brand based in Bali.


I didn’t choose my rings only based on the design. Each pattern has a story behind it.

The one that looks like a wrapped snake is The Sneaky Light Moonstone Ring. The gem it holds is one of the most magnetic gemstones of all. The light show displayed in Moonstone is a natural phenomenon seen in rare gemstones.

Moonstone has been used since the ancient years. The Romans and Greeks associated it with their lunar Gods.

It is also believed to have holistic power. It can guide you to trust your higher self and enhance your intuition.


I received my rings in this handmade traditional Indonesian coin purse. This made me feel like I had received a personal gift from a friend.



The rhombus ring is like a streched square which signifies stability, security, and foundation. When it comes to this shape, an esoteric sense comes into place.

It is called The Magic Square Silver Ring and each side represents the earth, wind, fire, and air to create life. This ring represents wisdom and ascension.


For the end I have left the Confronting Dots Silver Ring to complete the moonstone ring set.

It is very simple and can be a good complement for the other rings or I can wear it alone.


MoonstoneMagic ring – Zara sweater – no brand jeggings


In the photos I matched the moonstone ring with a necklace I made myself with a moon shaped swarovski crystal.


You may have seen this photo of my boots on my social media. I bought them last year and they’re what I was looking for back then. I have been stopped in the street a couple of times and have been asked where I bought them from. The weird thing is that old women are the ones who ask me because they like them! By the way, I bought them from a shop in the neighborhood.


Do you believe in the power of moonstone?

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