Top 10 Travel Tips For Today’s Stylish Woman

Time to pack it up for when we’re travelling abroad, being it business or pleasure, summer or winter, today’s stylish woman can arrive prepared to stay and play. Even if your destination involves business, this doesn’t mean you won’t be available for a night on the town or other non-working activity.

While we tend to overpack at times, especially to keep all the latest trends and styles at our fingertips, there’s still plenty of ways we can keep our luggage light and our appearance in check. Here’s ten tips for the active woman on the go:


#1 – The Big Three

The majority of us gals who are shoe-hoarders, but when it comes to travelling, stick to the basic three. For a warmer climate, bring along one pair of sandals, a good pair of walking shoes and a set of heels in a neutral, easily adaptable color, like black, white or beige. Plan your wardrobe accordingly and if you’re finding yourself in a winter wonderland, substitute your sandals for a pair of adorable boots.

#2 – Accessorize Accordingly

In the same way we’re not able to bring along all our shoes, we can’t empty our jewelry box either. Think about a few classics that go with everything and are stylish at the same time, whether you’re a fan of gold, silver or even pearls, bring along a few sets that could mix and match accordingly.

#3 – Mix and Mash

Today’s wearable fashions are not longer a “matchy-matchy” venue, instead we’re pairing plain with stripes, floral and flash and we don’t need to bring complete, separate outfits that go together like our Mom laid out our outfits for us.

#4 – Stylish Cover-Ups

If you’ll be frequenting the beach or a floating-boating venue, your winning swimsuit should come along with a great, light-weight cover up. The same is true for a snowy environment, where you’ll want a thicker, stylish coat or jacket that will go with slacks, skirts or a dress.

#5 – Make The Most of Make-Up

Cosmetic cases can be big and bulky, stick to your basics and carry a soft, fabric variety instead of a larger, hard-shelled variety. Match colors to the season and match accordingly for bringing out the shades of your wardrobe.

#6 – Top That

Another big three comes into play when choosing our tops, start out with at least these three of these for your upper outerwear, a classic tee, a cuff-and-collar, button-down and a stylish blouse or dress shirt. Weigh business with pleasure along with your destination, climate and other considerations when you’re considering long-sleeve or short.

#7 – Beating Boredom and Looking Cool

Style isn’t always about what you wear, but also how you present yourself. Airports and other travel stops to and from your ultimate destination don’t always have Wi-Fi available. Bring along a book, some magazines or puzzles to keep you entertained and looking cool while you’re in between venues or arriving at your ultimate landing spot.

#8 – In Flight Favorites

Remember your style and comfort can be compromised when you’re stuck in a cabin with dozens of other travellers. Gum will help to pop your ears and keep your breath fresh while flying. If you’re concerned about other passenger’s … germs … consider travelling companions like Airborne, antiseptic swabs, wipes or gels to keep your beauty, health, safety and style all in check.


#9 – Comfort For The Flight

Save your most comfortable outfit and a pair of slip-on shoes for a faster trip through security and a pleasant ride through the friendly skies. Wearing a nice pair of yoga pants and a comfy shirt is a perfectly acceptable way to fashionably carry yourself through an airport setting. Don’t forget your shades or other accessories that you can wear, rather than pack.

#10 – Carry On

Finally we come to what type of luggage we’ll be carrying, be it a bag or suitcase. Opt for a bold color choice, wild pattern or set of stripes. Not only will you be in-and-out of baggage claim in a snap compared to a sea of travellers searching for their brown, black and dark blue bags, you’ll remain stylish upon check in. Happy travels and stay in style when you’re on the road!

About the author:

Ivan Serrano is a web journalist living in the Bay Area of California. He mainly focuses his work on social media, small business and finance. When he isn’t planted at his desk writing something up, he’ll be wandering around town practicing photography or watching his favorite sports teams with his friends.

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  1. I agree with everything, I think that tops and makeup should be so well selected! I confess that I try my best to take just a few items of makeup with me, but when I see I have a lot packed 🙂 And end up buying more in the places I go to! I need to review that concept 🙂 Hope you have a very nice day!

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