5 of the Most Common Christmas Related Relationship Stresses

Christmas and holiday season is obviously a time of joy, love, gratitude and togetherness, but there’s little talk about those not so magical sides of this festive time. While the hype surrounding Christmas is definitely enjoyable and entertaining to most people, it can also put a strain on personal relationships, especially romantic ones. There’s a lot of stress involved when it comes to single bunch as well. But, if you know what the problem is you’re on your way to solve it. Therefore, check out the following common Christmas relationship troubles so that you can avoid them in time.

Financial stress


Couples who live together and share their money troubles throughout the year may encounter some not so festive arguments regarding spending and money in general before Christmas. Well, in all honesty, people spend a lot of money during the holidays. But, sometimes, such investments can become troublesome for the home budget. In that respect, the side that’s spending less money may feel irritated by the other party in case they’re spending more or spending money on stuff that doesn’t seem very useful. This stressful relationship problem doesn’t seem romantic or festive in the slightest, but unfortunately it is one of the most usual quarrels couples have around this time of year. So make sure to talk things through and pre plan your budget for holiday spending before it gets out of hand.

Spending time with family


Christmas movies always glorify the family time during the holiday season but once you have to spend days and even weeks with both of your families, you’ll soon realize why you moved in the first place. Being with people that love and care for you is the best thing in the world, of course, but we all know how tiring it can be as well. Your parents, siblings, small children all spending time together can soon put a lot of pressure on you, which can cause a lot of accumulated stress. Unfortunately such stress can soon vent into the argument between you and your romantic partner. Therefore, make sure that the two of you communicate openly whenever there’s a need for some more serious talk.

The influence of alcohol


Christmas means parties and parties mean alcohol. In case one or both of you have troubles managing to hold your liquor, make sure to address this problem beforehand in a calm and respectful manner. Otherwise, the influence of alcohol may cause really serious arguments as well as negative actions and bad words that neither one of you will be able to take back later on.

Keep things intimate

Running errands and getting busy with holiday stuff may actually break your intimacy that is essential in a romantic relationship. Remember that it’s important to show your love and appreciation for each other and find the time to spend together as if you’ve just started going out. Keeping the flame burning is especially important during the holiday season since you, your partner or both of you may feel left out or neglected because of all the holiday tasks you give a priority to. In order to avoid this, make sure to organize special moments just for the two of you.

Not having a romantic partner during the holidays


There may be a lot of potential stresses and arguments for people in relationships around Christmas time, but the pressure of spending time with your important other can also be very troublesome for people who are single. This is why some people try to find someone to share this experience quickly and thoughtlessly. Rekindling old flames is also very common during this season. Still, if you’re wondering how to get your ex back there really isn’t any better time than around the holidays. It is essential though that you consider this step carefully and only if you think that the two of you deserve a second chance. Trying to hook up with someone new or your ex just for the sake of having romantic company for Christmas won’t result in success and it may even cause you a lot more emotional pain. So, if you think that you and your ex are meant to be together, by all means reach out to them. If you meet someone new who seems amazing, try to make it work. But don’t rush things with wrong people just so that you can say that you had a date for Christmas.

Even though holiday season can be overwhelming in different ways, it’s important to remember that this truly is a season of love. So, make sure to show that love to your significant other and to yourself if you’re single. Keep your cool and enjoy the magic.

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