Top 8 Beauty Benefits of Neem for Your Skin

If you are looking for a natural ingredient to get its benefits for your skin & hair, neem is the best choice. Both its leaves and oil have a lot of active compounds that contain antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects. This is also the main ingredient in several beauty products such as shampoos, soaps, bath powders, creams, and lotions. Neem can easily solve many beauty problems such as acne, wrinkles, fine lines, blackheads, dandruff, uneven skin tone, and hair loss.

However, remember to do a patch test on your skin before applying neem oil because it may cause skin irritation.

1. Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Being a concern for many people, dark circles under your eyes can be minimized with the help of using neem. The antioxidants present in it make it be commonly used in many home remedies for pigmentation, thus minimizing the dark skin under your eyes. As a bonus, it is also effective in moisturizing the delicate skin under the eyes.

Simply, mix 1/2 tablespoon of neem powder with enough clean water to form a paste. Then, apply it around your eyes. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Do this way once per day.

Or, you can use the mixture of 2 drops of neem oil & half a teaspoon of olive oil to massage the skin around your eyes. Do this method 2 or 3 times per week.

2. Combat Premature Signs Of Aging

Neem is comprised of nutrients that are especially beneficial for your skin. It has an extraordinarily high content of antioxidants that aid in protecting your skin from the damage of surroundings.  It is also useful in rejuvenating the skin cells and restoring skin elasticity, which is very important for giving you a youthful and healthy skin.

Mix some drops of neem oil with 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil.  Massage it on your face & neck nightly before bedtime. In the next morning, remove it from your face with warm water.

Or, take a handful of neem leaves and put them in 2 cups of clean water. Bring it to a boil until the water remains by half and then remove the leaves. Use this water to rinse your face twice per day.

3. Prevent Skin Infections

The antifungal, antiviral, & antibacterial effects found in neem make it effective for preventing and treating skin infections, including tinea cruris, ringworm, and others. Plus, it also helps to soothe the irritation and relieve the inflammation without making the skin dry.

Take a handful of its leaves and boil them in clean water until they are soft. Remove the leaves and then add this water to the bath water. Bathing with this water several times per week helps to manage the skin infections.

Or, use the mixture of 2 tbsp. of olive oil and 1 tbsp. of neem oil to massage your skin. Do this for 2 times per week.

4. Soothe Dry Skin & Eczema

Neem is also effective in treating eczema, an inflammatory skin condition that causes red, irritated, dry, and itchy skin. It helps to relieve the inflammation and treat the abrasions. In addition, it can also prevent the loss of moisture from your skin and restore the protective layer.

Mix some drops of neem oil, 1 tbsp. of coconut oil together, and some drops of lavender oil. Then, apply this mixture to the affected area. Let it dry naturally and rinse it off with warm water. Use this 2 to 3 times per week.

5. Treat Acne

Neem contains diverse therapeutic effects, such as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, which help to treat acne. Not only does it kill the bacteria causing acne but it also relieves the inflammation related to acne and pimples. Moreover, it also aids in reducing the pain and itching caused due to acne.

Mix 10 drops of neem oil with 1 teaspoon of warmed coconut oil. Then, apply it to the affected area and wait for 1 hour. Next, rinse it with warm water. Do this way once daily.

Or, boil equal parts of orange peel and neem leaves in clean water. When they are soft, remove them and then grind them to make a paste. Add lemon juice and honey to the paste and combine them thoroughly. Apply this mask on your face, let it dry and then rinse it off. Use this once or twice per week.

6. Shrink Your Large Skin Pores

Neem is also considered an effective remedy for treating problems such as large pores, whiteheads, and blackheads. It acts as a good exfoliating agent that aids in pulling out the impurities and tightening the skin pores.

Put 2 drops of neem oil and 2 drops of plain water on a clean cotton ball. Use it to wipe your face before going to sleep. Keep it on overnight. Rinse it using warm water in the next morning. Use this daily.

Or, mix 1 tablespoon of neem powder and a little water to make a paste. Then, mix it with a pinch of turmeric. Next, apply it to your face, let it dry, and then use warm water to rinse it. Use this weekly.

7. Make Skin Tone Even

The antioxidants found in neem are very beneficial for minimizing the production of melanin and making your skin tone even. Plus, it also relieves blemishes and dark spots. Its anti-inflammatory effect aids in removing any redness and swelling. Moreover, it helps to open up the clogged skin pores and cleanse them, which will bring an even skin tone back to you.

Grind 10 neem leaves to form a paste. Then, add 2 teaspoons of turmeric and mix them thoroughly. Next, apply the mixture to your face. Wait for 20 minutes and then rinse it with clean water. Use this method daily.

8. Soothe Sunburned Skin

Neem may also help to fight the effects of sun exposure that causes huge damage to your skin. It contains soothing effects that help your skin retain its moisture and relieve irritation. Plus, its anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties aid in disinfecting the affected skin and treating the inflammation.

Mix 1 tablespoon of the juice of neem leaves and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder together. Apply it to the affected area and let it dry. Then, wash it with warm water. Do this 2 to 3 times per day.

Or, mix some drops of neem oil with a type of carrier oil such as coconut, olive, or sweet almond oil. Then, apply the mixture to the affected skin and let it dry. Rinse it thoroughly after several hours.

Here are some beauty benefits of neem for the skin that you should be aware of. Hope that this article is useful for you.

Author Bio:

This guest post is by Huyen My, a beauty and health blogger with many years of experience on searching the effective remedies for hair and skin care and health problems.


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  1. So many good tips, I will forward this post to a friend who suffers from acne, she is always looking for natural treatments! I didn’t know that neem had so many good usages, and the best is that it’s natural! Hope you are fine, I wish a great day and rest of the week!

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