Perfect Photography Ready Makeup Tips

Taking a casual selfie, a group photo for an important occasion or a family portrait all have one thing in common – your desire to look beautiful. While the quality of the camera is an important factor in this case, makeup is something that can make a huge difference in the way you look in photos. Check out the following tips so that you too can prep yourself properly in order to take a perfect photo that highlights your unique beauty.

Stay away from SPF

Products that contain SPF can cause a white cast on your face which can make you look ghostly on a photograph. In that respect, choose moisturizers, primers and foundations that are SPF-free. That way, the natural lighting or specially prepared artificial lighting for photography will work in your favor and make you look healthy and radiant.


Follow the steps

Capturing an important moment requires proper beauty and skin care routine on your part. Therefore, don’t skip all the necessary steps as you’re getting ready. Moisturizing your skin is essential if you want your makeup to sit well on your face. Of course, your skin should be exfoliated and clean before application. Once the moisture soaks in, it’s time for a primer. There are special photoready primers on the market that could really come in handy in this case. Finally, match your foundation to your neck. Choose those foundations that offer desired coverage without looking too cakey.


Lock everything in

Setting your makeup with powder is essential if you don’t want to look too oily and shiny in the photo. A dewy look is fine, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook your T-zone. Mattify your forehead, nose and chin with a setting powder. Also, don’t forget to set your undereye area. Concealer can easily get all runny and sink into your fine lines, making you look older and tired. Yellow-based setting powder is a perfect choice for the undereye area if you want to naturally highlight it and avoid the unflattering “flour” effect.


Add dimension to your face

You might not be used to wearing too much blush, bronzer and all that good stuff on daily basis, but when it comes to photography, it’s time to embrace it all. Contour is essential here. It will accentuate your features and prevent you from looking washed out. Always pick cooler contour shades. Orange-toned contour is far from natural and flattering. Moreover, refresh your face by adding some pink or coral blush. Also, don’t go too crazy with a highlighter. While it may look fabulous in person, heavy highlighter can look streaky and straight up strange on photos.


Luscious lips

Your smile is the best camera prop you can have. Of course, nothing can accentuate the beauty of your smile like a fabulous lip color. On the other hand, nothing can ruin it more either. As Perfect Moments experts say, it is not about the shade of your lipstick, but its undertone. Therefore, you don’t have to wear bright and bold red to make your white smile stand out. As long as you go for cool shades with a hint of blue in them, you’re all set for taking a great photo.


Regardless of the occasion, it’s essential that you pay attention to what colors and eye looks work the best for you. Don’t do something you’re not used to when getting ready for your day, especially if you know there will be photography backdrop involved. You can also benefit a lot from taking the time to practice various makeup looks at home, so that you feel confident with your application for the real deal.

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  1. I didn’t know about the SPF thing, to avoid it! It’s really good to read this, I will now try to avoid products with SPF before a photo shooting! Thanks for telling us that! Hope you have a great day!

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